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Priorities are one of the regular activities that we do all the time in our life. Mostly it is about a selection of the things at a particular time, I must say one need to have options for the selection. People who are more successful do better prioritizing of their selections.

 Most of the time when we select the things we generally selecting a part of our future whether it is about selecting a college, a job, a place to visit, a car to buy or anything that we are going to have in future. When we put them in order we prioritize the things in a fashion. It might be buying a car after buying a home or may be traveling to your dream place after completing under graduation. It can be anything but when it comes to day to day tasks we generally don’t prioritize and just follow what is there at that time.

Ordering a life matters most. All the tasks you are going to do in a day must follow a serial if not at least you need to finish the important tasks before going to finish unnecessary ones. Life is nothing but a combination of moments, a minute is nothing but a combination of seconds. Each and every activity you do at a particular time is somewhat playing an important role in building your future. Till 20’s you can be free and do not think about these but when you enter in your 20’s your life starts building a future for you from the moments you are spending for you.

You must think about the activities you do in your regular life, it might be an important period to focus on a career instead you invest time in finding your soul mate. It can be the moment to find a good job or establish a business but you might be traveling. It can be anything, the person who prioritizes their life better leads the world in future.

Spending time on social networks can be good but spending at what time matters most. A person has only 24 hours a day and a person need to decide what he/she should do in that. The activities were done in these 24 hours will only come up in deciding your next 20-30 years of life. Wasting time is the biggest mistake one can ever do, there are two kinds of activities in our day to day life one is passive and other is active. Always try to be a part of active activities it can be sports, exercise, painting, work, discussion, communications, debates, reading or anything that you create or you are the part of creation. Passive activities are the one that kills time and waste time .if you invest more than the required for it such as watching movies/Serials continuously at one sitting, checking social networks without any need of, and chatting with people on unnecessary topics. Passive activities don’t need your involvement of you, it is something that runs in the world but you are not part of it. Passive activities are good only for entertainment, mood change, enjoying lighter and happiest moment of life but doing it for a long time is harmful.

You should manage active and passive in combination and try to give more attention to active activities. When you start a day priorities things before you start actually doing. You should make a list of all important things and plan it according to your time. If anything left to put in next day list and keep on putting until you finish it. People run from the problems in life but according to me, you should face it by standing in front of it and giving time to it. You must priorities problems as well and solve one by one. To be happy is not to think about problems but to prioritize everything in life and do when their time comes.


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