Happy New Year 2017


A very happy new year to all of you. I hope the year comes to you with a lot of great achievements, results and success. It is really a very fascinating to think about completing the new goals, meeting new people, travelling new places , setting up new business/Job at the start of the year but it is equally true as well that half of the promises that we do with ourselves don’t stay long and we become the same what we were last year.

Life goes on very smoothly and there is no shortcut to getting things quickly. When things need to come they will come, there is no need to be in a hurry for attaining everything that we ever think. I must say for me last year was more an evolution than attaining anything. I didn’t attain much but learnt many things that may help in building a good future.

I always say that life is not like school/college years that went on and on and you will get every year a new number to show yourself. Life is not about graduating a school, completing some courses or learning a new language. It is something that is having a process, a process that never ends. Life is like water which flows from glaciers to the rivers then to the sea and then evaporates and again come to its purest form. You cannot win anything in life but yes you can enjoy it.

Life is having multiple phases and the emotional quotient is much stronger than intelligent quotient in playing any success roles. If you are mentally strong it doesn’t matter your knowledge anymore and you can always learn and adopt it later.

 It is said that you are the average of five closest people with whom you hang out. I think that is true as the conversations, communications, topic of discussions and the thought process quality will depend on only these people interests. When you communicate, you exchange energies with each other. That is how you either become very good or bad depend upon the circle of people you are with. My advice will always be the same, before choosing a communication ... choose people you are going to communicate with.

Love and relationships are the important part of our life and we build relations with the people with whom we hang out or to whom we like. There are always two things that matter that most which are trust and no profit attitude. In relationships, you don’t search profits but you search for love and it comes from within. There is no sorry and no thank.Mostly it is the duty of people to do whatever one can do for each other to build relations stronger. Sometimes misunderstanding happens but it should be the topic of talk not should be the topic of ignorance. When you talk about differences you actually close them. Talking is the best ever thing you can do whenever you see any mishaps in relations.

I hope you enjoyed your last year in a very good shape and hope that you will enjoy this year as well but remember life is not just about years where you keep jumping from one to other but mostly it is about the process. Whenever you feel any depressed thoughts just call the person whom you think the closest to you and cheer up. There is nothing like lost and gain. You might face a hard time for the short period but it will never be same for your full life. Remember this year to live for others and you will never be alone.



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