The secrets


Secrets: - Anything unknown to the outside world behind the boundaries of you.

You have heard thousand of stories about secrets of kingdom, money, adventures, knowledge and treasury but did you ever thought about secrets of yourself? Did you ever have concerns about it? Yes, you may have a question about how the traits and personality related to you can be a secret. If you will ask me … Yes, it is a secret. Anything that you do, that you think, that you perform, that you plan, All are secrets. Once you expose it to someone else the secrets become your trait and people call it personality.

You may think why I am talking about this? The personality is the outcome of the presentation from you. How you present yourself to the other is what personality is all about. People respect the individual who keeps secrets and shares only what is require. The purpose of this article is to tell you about how the communication from you can disturb your overall life within seconds if you don’t keep secrets.

When you meet someone for the first time, you both are the stranger to each other but as soon as you start observing the life and characteristics of each other you become friends. People say you share common thoughts and hence you are friends but the common thoughts … where it comes from? It comes from you and the other person around you. People meet you and love to know below points about you:-

1)      People love to know about your life.
2)      People love to know about your financial condition.
3)      People love to know about your family.
4)      People love to know about your relationship.
5)      People love to know about your plans.
6)      People love to know about your past.
7)      People love to know about your good things.
8)      People love to know about your bad things.
9)      People love to know about your failures and success.
10)  People love to see you win and lost.

When you compare all the above points you find out some are useful to share but others are not. The points that you should never share to everybody are called secrets. Might be the case when you share some thoughts with other person and then the person shared it with someone else who need not suppose to have the information can put you into trouble.

There are some points that you will love to hear from other back but there are some points that you do not. It all depends on you; how you present yourself in front of other to get back what you want.

There are points in life when you share everything with the other people and then they left you because there are no more things to listen from you. You become bored, lame and crazy to them.When you hide things and don’t share each minute of your life then there is an aura around you which keeps on attracting people to listen from you. You can share your happiness, wining moments, life , sometimes family background, even some of the good plans but never share your financial condition, love life, relationships, the past, failures and bad habits about you from yourself. Let them decide on you for these points, if they are true friends they will understand you irrespective of the thing whether you share each secret to them or not.



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