Writer Block


Last year didn’t go well for me and with only 10 articles in my bucket not even one per month, I am sure that there was some block that stopped me from writing. I was not able to get topics to write, it’s not that I was not having any but there wasn’t anything that keeps me pushing hard to write. I was mostly hanging on a social network but didn’t think even once to give some time to the readers and write something.

I don’t know whether it comes to everybody or not but phase came to me. I was short of words, whenever I go for writing it feels like I don’t have anything to talk. My most of the time went into thinking but then also I was not able to write anything. I promise myself to write next day but again same thing happens to me like this there were n numbers of days where I found myself struggling to write.

I did traveling and also I had new experiences but then also nothing motivated me to write, I met with thousand of incidents around me and none were so powerful that they can motivate me to write, I encountered hundreds of people but none of the personality was so much special that I can write about them. The life was not letting me tell the words for anything about anyone.

I was in the phase where I was grasping everything but when the chance was coming to share the knowledge I was not doing anything. It feels very bad when you have so many things to tell but actually you are not telling. Sometimes I was in a thought that writing is not for me and it is for people who are well settled and experienced. Sometimes I was in a thought that writing is taking over my professional career so better to ignore and not write anything until I don’t settle. The thoughts were of course rubbish not related to reality anywhere.

The block was very powerful and it kept on telling that you cannot write. It was quite tough to break it, then I promised myself to write single article every day and neither word limit is going to matter and nor topic, I will write everyday on any topic with any limit and here I am with the third article in a row on the third day of this year.

I hope I will continue writing each day and with the same zeal as previous and will not stop until passion doesn’t come again of storytelling.



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