My Most Unforgettable Memory of 2016? Being Free


11/28/2016 by Monica Morgan

One’s typical 2016 journal would include pictures at the Copacabana beach in the summer, or breathtaking shots while conquering the world’s craziest zip lines. Mine’s a bit different. It doesn’t manifest itself physically.

Before we delve to my ultimate memories in 2016, here are the ten happiest moments in life as per The Huffington Post.

1. Seeing your first child’s birth
2. The ecstatic moment at your wedding day
3. Birth of a grandchild
4. Having another child
5. First day of retirement
6. Moving into a new home
7. Witnessing your child’s first baby steps
8. When your child uttered his first words
9. Finally meeting the person of your dreams
10. Your love’s first kiss with you

To tell you, my most unforgettable memories are somehow unorthodox.

Living with Depression
Three years – that’s how long I was hobbled by clinical depression. I’ve also been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which eventually led to Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I hated myself, my body, the way I live, and what not. I was so crippled that I even failed to muster the strength to get out of my room for weeks.

I was hopeless. It seemed to me that meds and psychotherapy just made my condition worse. I slept the whole day for months, and I cut off ties with my friends and colleagues. I was on the brink of dying inside.

That Magnificent November the 10th Dinner
It was supposed to be my normal routine – sleep for 12 hours, ruminates over negative thoughts for 4 hours, eat, and go back to sleep. What was different on that November evening? It felt like I woke up from a deep slumber.

While eating, I noticed that our family’s morale seemed low. My mom’s usual gleeful smile was not on her face, and my dad and siblings appeared anxious too. That was the turning point. I realized that I cannot live in fear and paranoia anymore. I have to get out of this sapping void.

I finally cracked a genuine smile. That moment, to me, was so surreal. My family finally had a breather upon seeing that I’m trying. They finally got back the cheerful son and brother they once lost.

That exact memory of happiness and freedom from unrealistic fears is something to cherish for my 2016.

Finally Living.

Depression is a mental illness that relapses. I know that it can bother me again, but I’ve developed my personal mantras this time:

My greatest fear is never trying.”
“I miss 100% of the opportunities I don’t take.”
“Thinking negatively does nothing but holds me back from what I can achieve.”
There’s more to life than being depressed. My will power is stronger than this.”

So my second best memory for 2016 is my every waking day seeing these mantras stuck on my closet. Those always remind me to live well.

Bouncing Back Harder in Every Aspect of Life

The top five biggest regrets, as enumerated by Huffington Post’s writer Natasha Hinde, are the following:

1. Choosing the wrong career
2. Having your education stagnant
3. Not providing room for traveling
4. Getting divorced
5. Marrying too soon

Of the five, I may be guilty of the first three. Now, my third best memory is my everyday pursuit of correcting those.

For my career, I decided to make a career shift. My previous line of work offered             better compensation, but limited self-expression. Meanwhile, content writing and blogging gave my life a better purpose. The sheer joy of helping out readers and sharing a part of you are things that cannot be remunerated.

Another headway that I made this year is rekindling my old confidence. I’m back being the life of the party, and my friends understand me – and my battles – better now. From this point, there are only better things to come for me.

To wrap it up, my unforgettable memories are all about getting up after being down for so long. It’s something I won’t exchange for any luxurious trips or paid vacations. Those who stuck with me through the good and bad are people I will carry forward my 2017.

If you’re still struggling in making good memories this 2016, there’s still more than a month to capture those. The greatest memories in life are the small joys and victories we often take for granted. Be grateful and live well J

Author Bio

Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She loves to travel Asian countries, writing reviews on each of them on her She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers.



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