we have more capability than the world expecting from us


Its story of most people who are facing challenges in day to day life, either it is related to their livelihood or it is related to their working, the most common problem they faced is to fighting for the time to spent for themselves, somewhere they are happy while somewhere they are sad about their environment. I moved on streets to search why actually the problem is, everyone now a days is so busy that talking on them feel like we are talking with robots. It’s all started when a child slowly entered into the life of teenage and remains throughout the life with problems at different stages, did you realize anything about you? what are the most of the situations which worried you? For many it may be different but for most it’s the situation when we are engaged with lie one way or other and fearing about if anyone knows the truth what will happen, there are certainly other situation in which you engaged because it is related to you direct or indirect but if I am talking about the situation when we put ourselves into the problems because of our working styles and decisions, so you can control yourself from putting yourself into the problem by taking your decisions calmly.

There are certain situations in life when we are engaged with a work where it needs sudden reply to answer to the problem and emotions play very great role in it ,if you are excited there may be possibility that you end with accepting offer if you are in dull mood possibly you may say no, but here situation is not according to the mood you have to keep your emotions with yourself and think through your mind whether it is the only thing you want from you then give your reply .it will certainly affect your future time. If you are free then okay to take but if you are already burdened with other work then due to this might you will not end with better results in already pending work so use 24 hours to allot work according to how much you can do, never ever so eager to take the things, multi-tasking is better thing but not at the cost of affecting your work.
One bad habit we usually put with ourselves is to work a thing just before it needs, we do not prioritize our work and do only certain work according to our needs or our caliber but wait you can make it better by prioritizing work and then completing on time. If you have all work completed on time, there is no point to worry for future things also your work will have a schedule and you will do work according to that. Face the work from front instead of avoiding it and to run from it this can make us something really feel good and we will be in the better situation than we usually have to.

Some people doing better in their life may end with lot of problems at later stages of their life due to their insecure behavior or taking diversion from their aim, it’s not always easy to cope up the situations you are travelling across the roads ,there are lot more things we have to travel in the near future ,either in term of goals or in term of settlements. There are always possibility that you will fail in your aim it does not make any sense to be demotivate from it but it makes a sense to take lessons from it and do further activities that can cause to take your aim and life back.

Some people always want to develop something in their present but due to situations not favoring them they can’t make it but working regularly on it makes a sense that it will end up in a work that is certainly help to make future of the work.

We have a past associated with our self and it may have good or bad experiences and also we have future associated with us which we want to make a better than what we can imagine but it doesn’t give any sense to make our present pathetic. If we enjoy our present then certainly we are going to enjoy our future.

There will be certain people who will meet you and ask about your future plans but why they are concerning about it either to compare their life or to know more possibilities happening around you in the future.do not take it ever seriously anything related to other person who are in connection with you, just follow your dreams and your goals, whatever you will get it will be only yours and many people who are advising about it do not take care it at all.
So be happy be cool be original and be safe from and to other peoples, this is only the law of success.




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