my first interview [Indian navy]


My first interview
It was a great day waiting from very long time. yeah the interview day, everybody seems little confused about it ,I was bit nervous, it was not a technology related interview but INDIAN NAVY interview which  is not a company but a service to serve the country . Really excited for it not because I want to be in the Indian navy but because I want to feel the Indian navy interview, all seems good they were three people each in their cabin, it was my turn and got to enter the one of them. I was tensed about what they will ask to me, how I will respond them?, they are great people of country? ,how I can make myself with them ? but everything end in a fine way.
The first procedure was to fill up the form where they put about 10 qualities and blank space after that in which they will fill the grades according to your performance. then attachment of documents like navy form, mark sheet from 10th to .tech and keep them with you.
I entered into the room by asking them to enter then wished him a good morning as it was a morning, then I walked in, he said sit down.


Interviewer-mohd nazar mubeen, signals on eye.
I-yes sir, it means eyesight.

Interviewer-so tell me about yourself.
I-i told them everything starting from my childhood to till now, I told them about certificates, awards, achievements, interests, hobbies, ideals and all. Introduction was extending so he said okay and I stop down, I told him how I was good at math’s, science thus chosen engineering and due to IT booming computer science .i told him about having interest’s in research ,technology and coding related work. I told him, how I was regular participating in speeches and debates, my awards and all.

Interviewer-okay, you have said you are good at debates, which type of topics you want to debate on.
I-topics related to youth.

Interviewer-do you know everything on it?
I-no sir, little bit and the information I have, I can debate only on that.

Interviewer-how many debates you had done in university?

I-because I was busy in my studies and concentrated mainly to programming, coding and technology work thus couldn’t get the time to attend such kind of activities.

Interviewer-what are the topics you interested in?

Interviewer-tell my Why petroleum prices are on hike?
I-told them a reason and said about import, export problem, how Indian can buy it from Iran and so that it can pay in rupees and all about economics.

Interviewer-which industry is benefitted by hike in dollar?
I-told them software industry as It works for major foreign countries which pay in dollars hence rising dollar may cause a huge profit but other industries will be in loss.

Interviewer-asked about gold rise and all.
I-told them in every function people willing to buy gold and thus the same gold is sold and bought many times throughout the year hence caused it to rise in price. I told him other reasons.
Then he ended up by saying that okay best of luck. Hoping for the selection but let see what will happen next.

Those who are preparing for it .my only advice to them is show confidence as much as you can, never fear from anything, be yourself, it is you whom they want to select but show some curiosity to go in, I don’t know what is the criteria of selecting a candidate but its only depend on you, how you impress that person in a minutes you spent with him, many are talented but can’t express their feeling to them so express yourself openly.


  1. Not to forget when results were are on boards, i was one of among them.



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