hunger and success


“HUNGER” a word when comes across your mind what do you think? Do you think about food? Do you think about money?  Do you think about freedom? Or like the same. If yes, then you are on the right same track most people following across the life .here I am talking about the HUNGER of SUCCESS which changes from childhood to the adulthood at different extent ,either the situation responsible for it or the atmosphere but what we did at it?

Let us have a recap of life so it starts when you first time go into the field of competition either in the playground or in the school you participate it because you want to win, but winner is not a tea of every cup thus some got success while other failures but you do not lost hope to win, every day you go to the same and do the same only just to win and win. You have a hunger which increases day by day and when you win it’s the situation of extreme joy and you have more faith than before in you. That was the symbol of positive thoughts in you. But as you move up in your life competition start increasing, first you were in competition with the people of your area then best joins and compete with in the city, you still hopeful and always believe in participating than winning but if you do not got many success in next few competition although you are trying hard to win and here you start losing your hope after sacrificing so many hours in not be panic at this time there are lot of things which can you earn your success of hunger again here they are--------------

Always believe on yourself- this is the first point which let your hunger live. Believing in yourself, I know if you believe in yourself like a child believe while learning to ride cycle one day surely you will get success but it will only happen if you remain left with hunger for it.
Never compromise with the results- compromising is an art but in case of success if you compromise the hunger to win will fade out slowly. If you want to be singer, never ever end with becoming only listener of song just try for it, if you do not getting opportunity just go and explore the area there are lot of opportunity in every field across the world.

Motivate yourself through books- books are one of the best friends that will teach you how to motivate,get any book start reading it that is related with your success, if you do not getting it start with any entrepreneurs biography’s because they are the person who faced major challenges in life, you will learn from it and can easily get some tips to survive your hunger .

Neglect the persons around you –it does not mean that you should neglect them but neglect their negative thoughts, their negative environment but always be ready to learn positive things from them you will see how you can get your success.

HUNGER is what you want from inside to reach the success. It will only help you when you work hard for it, when you work with dedication, when you will work with motivation there is a simple example you was working in 8th to get a class 9th .you work in class 12th to get admitted into higher education but patience starts fading in graduation when you want just money or job to survive but to desire for it think about your childhood dreams, think about you promise to the someone, think about what you had said to the friends about work style you want. Just go for it manage yourself to learn from environment, from failures, from risks but do not make die your hunger for should be increase with every failure and in term of fading it must be in glowing .its the law of nature when you put your efforts for something in a right direction you will sure get it earlier or later so be with patience to survive your hunger for success. 



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