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2015 TCS ASPIRANTS lets have look on my  sizzling TCS interview 2014, I do not know it helps you to crack or not but I am sure it will certainly help you to know the interview process from somewhat closer point of view from where you are seeing until today.

Interview process was divided into 5 stages

1)     Verbal ability
2)     Aptitude (exempted for top -5 from each branch)
3)     Technical Round
4)     Managerial Round
5)     HR Round

As I was among the top 5 in my branch so I had to clear the only verbal ability test .Those who were not fighted for aptitude test also .i am giving you a brief detail about each round, so read carefully………………………

Verbal ability –

In Verbal ability test, I had given a question to write an email to the supervisor for a picnic with a new team member for increasing bonding in them with a set of was compulsory to use all the phrases given in the question .the best way to write the email in a world limit is

Dear Mr. Name (first name only whatever given in the question)
Body of letter(include all the phrases by combining words that make a sense and meaning given in question without spelling and grammatical errors  you have to just good in basics of connecting words there is no upper limit but lower limit was 50 so do not write more than 75 words and not less than 50 words).
Name (your first name given in question)

If you had written the way I described you can easily crack the verbal ability test.

Just prepare your basics from rs agarwaal book then choose arun sharma cat book and solve question up to level 2 as much as you can in 2 months if you do not have time just go for and try to solve at least 50 pages or 500 questions, if you had done it you are in. many of my friends who followed the same pattern had cleared aptitude test with an easy way. Just follow to clear the basics ,strength your areas in which you are good ,do not mug up whole the concept ,you have to clear only cutoff so take it easy and doing question from website will help you a lot.

Technical round is an easy round if you have knowledge to perform the task. For this round get stick to the one programming language, and two of your favorite subjects, I had given java, database and operating systems.
 First question I was asked was fragmentation I explained it clearly.
Second question to print a pattern in java I had done with it was just to check do you know about loop or not and I solved it.
Third one is to tell the difference between final, finally and finalized (thanks to headfirst java) I explained them with a new and correct concepts interviewer impressed.
Forth one was a puzzle problems(again thanks to shakuntala devi puzzles to puzzle) solved both puzzle in a good time again impressed as I was first to solve one puzzle from them which was not solved by earlier ones. This was enough to clear the technical round, just focus on what you know.

MR Round
After clearing technical round we reached to Mr round many students got rejected. For mr round just prepare your one hobby, about your project what you are doing, about yourself ,who you are ,presenting or you can say selling yourself, emerging technologies in your area ,your interests in curricular activities.
If you had done so much you can easily clear your round in my case
1.      Tell me about yourself(told them)
2.      Tell me something about passion (I have blogging told them by a link and twitter profile ;) )
3.      Emerging technologies (presented them cloud computing and big data).
4.      If you can send anywhere whether you will go(I love to travel, in my case it was my hobby you can tell your answer)
5.      If you will send in customer relation will you go (as a fresher I want to join the platform from where I can explore myself for growth and better future purpose. Tata is itself a brand and working under brand doesn’t matter what you are doing after experience and according to my ability management will certainly make a good decision).
6.      What is your programming language (told them java and talk little bit about it).
At last I was selected for hr round.
You have to keep patience and confidence regarding it, certainly you will be selected by it.

HR Round
In this round keep your patience and faith on yourself they will try to demoralized you by behaving unexpectedly but keep confidence and do whatever they said. You will be asked for bond and background checking ,location just say them positively,hr may also can ask you about strength and weakness give them and be ready to give explanation at last I got selected after waiting for 4 hour for result.

Feel free to ask queries.


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