How we should win the competition and treat it


 So people what strategy you choose when you see yourself in a competition ,either you see yourself in a forward player facing it from front or you see yourself as a backward player facing it from back fronting someone else. Both cases defines a certain kind of behavior about defines you as a winner while other winner on someone else work. I am writing this article because I faced situations in which a competition is taken by people in not a true sense what it should treat.

Competition is a race in which many people run with their resources, energy, tactics, techniques just to only win and it is healthy if everyone follow the same set of rules but some people use unfair means to win but that is the other case, everyone knows about it how fair the competition in today’s world, but what I am going to emphasize is a different case. I am going to tell you a funny situation in which people take other people in a competition although other one is not participating in it by own. Let see some example with this:-

I am in race
First thing people say to them is I am in race and many people already in race. There start several events in which winner is different for each ,but as the competition is same ,some people developed themselves and starts habit of wining while other who never won any competition till now is now losing hope about to be in competition.

I am out of race
The other kind of people thinking that this race is not for them they should choose some other option, some lost the dreamt to become winner and left the competition while some still in a hope to win.

I am back
The people who left out are no remain in competition but some people left in a competition  with a hope trying harder and harder to win it by improving their skills, and the winner section team who makes a habit to win are little careless but it doesn’t affects their performance because they knew tricks already how to win and already doing it from many events but they got bored and in some event those hardworking people won and they say I am back, celebration starts by their community of people but the winner section have a smile on their face” chalo koi to gaya aage “.

I am winner
A dedication towards their work, towards their goal makes them in a winner category those who left out the competition might they can also become winner but it is the self-motivation, self-desire and self-respect  that gain them a winner status and the people who were already winner are got bored but they didn’t lost all the events but some only.
Here comes a topic to discuss after working so hard, facing a many difficulties ,facing separation, facing struggle if you become winner there is no need to compete in every step if someone in throughout your life is winner you cannot make hatred with it is because of his/her dedication become winner and you because of yours ,now it becomes totally different world to choose the next step after becoming winner and finishing the competition but what goes it here for some people lets see….

I am in competition
Although the competition is over but still some of the people who are new winner wants more win thus they felt that competition is still running, they have a child inside it which always says I will win all the events, those who were the winner throughout their life choose next step and become a part of competition of different category but the people who win rarely see themselves in the competition with a very fewer number of people.

I am best
The feeling about I am best is totally waste at this time because you cannot compare a hockey player with a football player on a cricket match, they all have a different taste of competition and they all have a different set of skills you cannot say that I have a bungalow thus I won the competition, you cannot say I have a car thus I won the competition, now competition is no more in life it is just about the great interests and passion towards work. The person cannot be best on his own there must be a lot of people who should have to say you are best. The industries divided, the organization divided, the profession divided hence the competition is also divided.

I just write the article to say some people that it is very good to be in competition ,it is very good to be in race is very good to be in winner but it is not good to compare with others success or failures, everyone has a different taste to live their life ,some wants to become king of their profession some wants to enjoy their profession ,everyone is different in this world and you cannot say that you are best ,it is good to make healthy competition where everyone should concentrate o their skills, their work, their tactics, their tricks, their techniques and then develop something that can lead you a respect in the market ,that can make you famous among people, that can make you winner in real sense ,up to college education or school education everyone ride the same bicycle to win the race built later on everything is different so kill the child inside you and see where the world is ,turn around your thoughts, turn around your skills, turn around yourself and do something extra ordinary that world will salute you and say you are the best like Steve jobs did, like bill gates did, like buffet did, like Tata ,Birla, Ambani did, like Tendulkar, fedrar, fleps,schumakar,tiger did ,choose your field where best you can did and do the things right now.

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