I had gone through many mails on my mail and found students are having mostly problems in understanding programming languages .Students are suffering more who are from non cs background in 12th, they have same queries regarding what should I do,I have got a not so good college neither I have any programming experience so I am writing this article specially for the section of students who want to learn and practice programming and wants to remove fear of it.

Here are the few points by which you people can remove fear of it, first of all start loving your work, what you have chosen to pursue your career, programming is going to become your profession and your need and your ultimate future so you have to give attention to it from your heart and mind both. Some people may be already know programming while some may be good in programming but do not at them look at yourself, where you are strong? What you want to learn? .how your logics are good? How your math’s is ?

So questions are coming in your mind where to start? How to start? , when to start? Not everything can be learned quickly you have to focus on what you desire, what you expecting, what you want to do, you have to give a time for yourself.

C language- c is the basic language to start a programming career ,if you cannot understand the c you cannot do anything regarding programs, you have to think about loops, you have to think about pointers ,you have to think about structures ,so take a book of HEAD FIRST C ,or download it from website and start practicing and reading it one by one, you will get thorough knowledge from it, you can understand  the language far more better anything else ,now once you had done this go to LET US C by yashwant kanetkar and here you will learn how to apply your logics into program it is not that  much tough to understand. Just stick to the concepts.

Object Oriented Programming- it’s better to first know about the concepts of classes,objects,features of object oriented language,inheritance,polymorphism,access modifiers before start writing programs in it .once you started it ,you already know c now you can easily put your concepts of variables ,methods ,functions to it and you are one, in my opinion its best to start with JAVA and again HEAD FIRST JAVA is the best book and you can visit to your lists o it, when you start reading this book ,do all sorts of programming in it, do all sorts of projects given, do all the exercises given, I can bet you will be mastered and in  few days you can feel the power of programming.

Databases-this is another concept which will strong your connectivity among the programs, learn query language SQL which will tell you how to connect the data in database and how to fetch records from it, it is an easy language for best to learn query language download the book LEARN SQL IN 21 DAYS by SAMS publication ,everything written there ,from triggers to join, from update to search, from normalization to transaction ,you have to learn all and for concepts best book is KORTH and JNTU website materials, they are more than enough to understand it.
After learning it go to understand the swings and AWT in java these give you the strong foundation to develop GUI applications and desktop software’s, for GUI go to the oracle website and learn from it.

Websites – To develop website learn any language PHP, ,j2ee now you can learn anything ,you know every basics to learn and perform programs ,you are your own driver now you can go in anything programming is a fun rather than a burden and with the invent of IDE ,Hibernate ,LINQ, everything is easy in this world you have to just think ,code will be automatically generated by the IDE’s and even in databases hibernate(J2EE) .LINQ(.NET) is so powerful that you do not have care of anything ,follow simple steps and you code is ready for you.

Designing – designing is simple HTML ,JSP,JSTL code and w3schools is the best site to understand it and if you are not comfortable go for HEAD FIRST BOOKS ,these books are totally different and concepts strike directly to your mind after reading from it.

So all the best, this article is just a brief overview about everything in programming and if you want more thing to know write to me via contact form ,will clear your doubts .



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