Education – A wisdom wrapped up in a mission of money making


It’s a story about child who saw education as wisdom to live happily after attaining it. The child knows only one thing that to be good and respected in the society you should have a good education. He studied hard to get this; he went around every corner of the world to get it. He didn’t sleep for many years just got lost in the piles of books. He studied really hard to understand each word and sentence of the subjects he was seeking for the wisdom. He was having a high hope that after completing his education he can get whatever he wants but the fact was something else.

After completing the education child went back to his town seeking for respect and honor but nobody gave damn about this child turned young man. He tried to start a conversation with few of them but nobody replied in a manner he was seeking for. He was distress about the behavior of the people from his own town. He told some of them about his journeys around the world and the education he received by studying many parts of the world and again nobody gives a damn about this too. On the contrary he saw the people having piles of money instead of books are more respected in the society and all the educated people work under them to get respected.

He got one clue about the society that being respected doesn’t have any relation with the education. Education is meant for earning bread and butter. Soon he realized one more fact when people start asking him about his work. He told them about his interest in teaching and writing for the society , people laughed on him and said if you have to do this only why did you went to study so far ? You could go into the same profession from here also. People told him that go and get a job.

He was confused as everybody was telling him to get a job, instead after getting so much knowledge he was interested in changing the face of the society but nobody was interested in his money free mission. Then one day even his family told him to find his own butter to live the life and support them. Soon he realized that the world runs by money and education is one of the fuel to make it running. He went across many corporate sectors to find a job and everybody was asking to do something else apart from his education. He was totally disturbed by the employer’s question that want him to be like donkey who do only that work from which corporate is benefitted.

Finally he got a job that is little bit similar to the one he wanted to do. He joined the firm and astonished by the fact that people having less knowledge are on the higher positions just by doing some tantrums that is called relationship skills with the bosses. Being a highly educated man he was getting into depression by doing each of the garbage work he provided for. Soon he saw all the education is in the hand of few big money making people. If education can give money to them, they are interested into making it to reach the entire world if not they are trying to hide it.

He encountered many people having just one passion to earn money, even the people who got good education now have one goal to just keep move on the corporate ladder and earn money. He got so many shocks after joining the company that he started hating the whole education system. He got the answer why all the money with some of the people and rest all the world beg for cloth , shelter and food.



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