5 things to save while adopting and living in new Environment


The Environment around us is the main element that affects us a lot. It is the environment which tells us to live life in a way that we want to live or in a way like other want us to live. The people around us are the key one who directly or indirectly affects our behavior and our dreams. We think of doing all sorts of things to achieve dreams but as soon as we reach in some different environment we choose to opt out from our dreams and start to follow the common dreams of an environment and of people living it. The key sources that need to be taken care before involving to an environment more than required if you are living with the people having totally different tastes are-

1)    Save your dreams- It is a normal case that we met hundreds of people in our life, some are having great life while others are having awesome, we admire from them and think to live like them in the contrary whatever our dreams are. The first point while living in an extremely different environment is to save the dreams that you are seeing for yourself. Everybody in this world has different goals don’t indulge yourself in any one of them.

2)    Save your personality – Second point is saving yourself. Saving a person who actually you are. You don’t need to be like others. Everybody is having uniqueness and you too have, don’t ever try to change you. You can opt for good habits and can destroy bad ones but changing yourself, your behaviors, your likings, and your area of interests is not what I suggest. If you are living in a society it is normal that you will be motivated by the things that majority do but that doesn’t meant to change yourself.

3)    Save your Interests- The environment is a diverse place. You will get thousands of people with thousands of interests. Some may force you to adopt their life styles by the way they live it. Your interests are the one that differentiate you from them. Never copy other interests but follow your heart from where these come.For example- If you are a morning person don’t change yourself to become late night if majority say to do it.

4)    Save your thoughts- It is normal that thoughts start changing when you spent most of the times with people having common culture, thoughts,rituals and processes but don’t involve yourself in them, tell freely about yourself and exchange thoughts instead following their thoughts blindly.

5)    Save your Lifestyles- Lifestyle is the trait that makes you differ from others in a way you live your life. The cloths you wear, the food you eat, the way you travel, the type of movie you watch, the places you visit, the people you are comfortable. All is your lifestyle; nothing is good nothing is bad. it only differs from person to person. Some may say to you this is not the way to live; listen to them but don’t change. Never ever change yourself if you think you have a different taste.

Saving your Ideas, emotions, dreams, goals, traits, culture, habits and interests are as important as learning new ones.



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