My Good Mornings are all GOLD Mornings


Whenever word like “Morning” comes in my mind, it gives me Goosebumps. The beauty about morning is it all starts in a slow fashion by conquering the dark and filling it with all over pleasant light. There are theories about the different scenarios of the morning that eventually turn out to be an awesome reason to have a great day.

Whenever I open my eyes from the long dream, I look out for something soothing and something fresh. It takes a moment to be completely out of the dreams and step into the reality. When I see the sky that is slowly converting from the dark umbrella to blue paradise, I see my dark past that is fading away in a bright future that I am going to gain today. When I heard the chirps of beautiful small birds, I feel it like a music that is telling me to start a day with a big hope. I see the empty roads that slowly start capturing by milkmen, paperboy, taxi drivers and all the hardworking people who contribute in building the first pillars of the day for rest of the world.

I see the freshness in children smiles who are going to school for learning something new. I see the happiness in watching toddlers trying to stand on their own. I see the beauty in a moment of a child when while learning to brush, starts eating toothpaste instead of using it. I see many small moments of a people rushing for different purposes in the morning to make their day good. I get an inspiration from all these incidents who forget about yesterday with the morning and start something on their own to make their day.

I feel lucky hearing Azaan from the mosque and pooja from the temples. I feel happy in seeing people devotion towards their god. The morning could be anything for any person but for me, it is something that made my whole day depending upon the incidents that I hear and that I see. I see people going to gym, I see people going for jogs, I see people studying hard and I see people reading newspapers. Every unique activity in the morning makes my good morning into the gold morning.

The way we behave and take morning is the way whole day goes up. We can pass morning by sleeping, we can pass it by remembering the past, we can pass it by sitting silently or we can live to enjoy, to feel, to happy, to encourage, to participate and to lookout for all the things that are unique, that are crazy, that are motivational and that are mind-blowing to convert any good morning into gold one.

“Live the Morning as it comes to give new life not to leave it behind as you leave yesterday”

So how do you think your gold morning should be look like? #Colgate360GoldMornings 



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