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I am going to talk about a city that is my place from last one year. A city flourished with many things to give a larger world from its space. A city that is so charming, so modern and so old that it will never feel you bad even at your worst time. People say the person ability to perform best can come from the environment he/she is living with; yes the city has same magnitude to glue you on its soil. There many points that proves - why this city said to be one of the greatest cities of world to live.

Why city connects? –

 The first thing that connects people is food. This city is famous for Biryani recipe throughout the world moreover known as paradise for the non-vegetarians. City is having ample amount of restaurants having their own different aroma to set the moment into a memorable one. The mixture of South and North combo makes you feel to be at the top if you are a foodie.

The connection happens because of different cultures that you live with. Living in the city gives you thousands of chances to know about the culture of various places because of its diversity. You would be meeting with the people from various places with various knowledge. You will love to talk in so many languages.

The connection happens because of the events/functions/Seminars/Concerts and this city provides you all. The city will never bore you ever. It contains all the magic that need to have for not boring people living here.

Design of the City-

The city carry famous old architectures as well as new one too. The Charminar is famous all over and world and Golconda Fort  , Ramoji Film City makes it proud Even more. If you talk about there are plenty of things to visit in from old time - Mecca Masjid , Qutub Shahi Tombs, Birla Mandir , Zoological Park , Jungle safari and from new one – Prasad Imax ( biggest screen in india) , many shopping malls, the famous heart shape husain sagar lake, Cyber Tower, The architecture carrying beauty in Film Nagar. The design is one of the mesmerizing thing that one  can have in this city.

Why city has a Driving factor?

The Software Industry is one of the driving factor that now days is having with this city. It’s a Hub for startups, Technology drives the people, City is building with awesome ideas and mind blowing innovation. Microsoft , Google , Orcale , DEShaw, Amazon all belongs here. You name a company you will get here with many number of IT parks.

The Traffic is not bad here. No need to struggle hard to reach from one point to other. One can drive with own speed with an ease here. City is not as costly as other big cities. One can live peacefully in limited amount of salary here. Education is best with the institutes like IIIT, NIFT, IIT and so many universities to choose from. City is having good number of activities regularly.

The city is a Hub for Telgu film industry with so many shooting places and home to stars and superstars it drives anyone to live and thus making it as #madeofgreat



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