When I met with my Past


It was the dark night, I was waiting on the platform to catch the next metro. I was lost in my own thoughts of  heavy work and fatigue that I got today from office. There was a child on the other side who was looking like my past  astonishing me from tip to bottom. It takes me a second to reach him for knowing about him. Although I don't want to start introduction with him, rarely I have been talking to any person from last few years because of such a busy schedule but today I don't know what happened , my own legs put a pressure on me to release some voices from mouth to him. I went towards him with an excitement to find out how can anybody look like same as you as you were few years back. As I reached there he stood up as he was waiting for me only. I looked into his eyes that were shining like a diamond, today only I had a glance on my  that was so dull  like some stone inserted into the body but after looking his eyes I remembered sometimes back I was exactly like him.

I asked him – who are you?
He – you.
I – what ?? how can you be me.
He- Look at me carefully, I am you?
I- yes you are looking like me what I use to be in my childhood, but you can't be me.
He- I travelled the time to find you.
I- You mean Time Machine.
He- Yes.
I- Time Machine even don't exist.
He- I am from different time zone and there time machine do exists.
I- (astonished) Are you joking and if not? Why are you here?
He- I am here to ask questions about my dreams and promises that you made to me?
I- what dreams?
He- Few years back, you told to yourself about becoming something different, to run some extra mile, to change something across the world, to follow passion, but I am not seeing anything inside you. You became just a part of running some rat race.
I- (shocked) mmmm.

I was fumbling for words. Whatever he said everything was correct, yes I was not following any dreams that I use to see in my childhood, neither I became the one that I wanted to be. I just looked at him to say something but what “ I don't have any answers for his questions”. With an open mouth, I tried to say something but waste even I didn't able to utter the single word. I was looking like the culprit in front of him who has to accept the crime or defend himself with solid reasons as I don't have any reasons I opt to become the culprit.

He wanted some answers about his dreams his future and his expectations. I touched his cheek with an emotion and told him the story that I need to tell myself. I know he doesn't know anything about the journey just want to know why I didn't reach the destination. It's time to explain the journey to him. With the heavy heart, I started explaining him.

Look at the starting you just see the destination and think that it's easy to reach there because you think that path is very smooth between the point you are standing and the point you want to reach,but in reality its not  the same .As you started your journey you got to see many are fighting for the same path that you selected and you have to compete with them to reach there. As you move further you find that the path is not as that smooth but it contains a lot of external factors that make it more difficult, unreachable, dull, danger  across the journey. You start getting bored in following the path but still you follow because you dreamt of getting it to find many short term and long term destinations across it that leads you to start another journey within that path. You have to take so many journeys in getting the destination  that you get lost somewhere and not able to get that original path. This is the same like a man in the jungle who wants to reach the destination but due to loss of correct information, he found himself going in some other direction and finally forget about the original thing for which he/she came to forest. The same has happened with my lifestyle, I am stuck in some middle path in search of the destination.

let's hope I don't get lost into it and can find my destination. Thanks for coming here to remember my dreams and I promise you again that I will not be lost into this path and will not become like the one who forget about why they chosen a path, but I will try explore everything to reach my destination.

He smiled and said goodbye with a hope that his future is secure in my hand and I am willing to chase destination and will not lost into some path.



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