As we grow up with the age cricket grows up with Technology


There was the time in my childhood when cricket was the biggest passion in sports we do have in our friend circle. People bunk schools, college’s even foods just to watch those crazy matches on Televisions. We sometimes took pocket radio in our schools such that we can’t miss scores and enjoyed the excitement of moments through commentary while still attending classes. Those days were the beautiful days when we enjoyed cricket in different manners, I remember the days when due to power cut down we gather at one place to watch the matches so that batteries can be used efficiently. Whether it is hot summer or cold winters we enjoyed matches a lot. There were the times when we plan the most important things during breaks such our favorite players strokes and bowlers bouncers can’t be the miss.

Then the time changes and technology started acquiring places. The radio turned into mobile phones. Every person do have mobile phones to listen to radio and ask for the scores via SMS , we never worried about those 1.5 rupees that we spent just for scores that thing we want to know what is the status of match and we grow up. No more annoying school teachers to catch us with radio. We just took a break listen to scores on mobile then come back to share scores with friends. In this way, we keep track of each and every score. Then time again changed and we reached into college where we got the freedom to do activities but the passion for cricket remains the same and technology helped us move faster. Now we have googled to search the scores and statistics of various players. Earlier we use to have a bundle of cards but now just click to get details of any player. It was really an exciting moment that comes in cricket in the form of technology. We can watch matches late or can just watch retelecast on youtubes. Everything was going great.

Then comes the era of applications, smartphones that changed the whole definition of watching matches. We can get notification for each wicket , scores or anything happening on the ground without even touching the screens. There are the lot of crazy things happened then we started watching matches online and here comes various browsers. The competition made really the advanced improvements in the browsers like UCBrowser which came at a great time. We were using it in the era of 6600 then using it now. It changed a lot of things in our life. Whether it is about applications, songs, movies or any other things like matches everything was going like any ride. The UCBrowser matched with the technology to give us advanced features like automatic brightness which gives a great feel while accessing the internet or watching matches live.

You can Surf it All, Surf it Fast with UC Browser, it's faster, easier to use with seamless transitions. It features UC Cricket which is a space dedicated for every cricket fan, connecting them to the match wherever they are.

UCcricket is a great thing comes for the fans of cricket like me and you.check these vedios that tells a common story of everyday life happening across cricket.



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