Life Is………………..


A time comes in everyone’s life when we get the exact definition about it. We have been facing many questions about it that enquires and shiver us from childhood .What is it? Is it a Math’s that can be solved by using formulas or is it a psychology that can be solved by using thoughts. Is it Science that need’s a research or is it a history that needs events to describe it. The answer is “It is nothing” we cannot describe it as a subject. This was due to because it contains all. Yes it contains all the subjects, thoughts, events, formula’s, statistics and characteristics. Nobody can describe it in a single way.
Its meaning and its symbol is different for each individual although there could be a chance of same situation. The life is not about living in distress and thinking about future it is all about actually enjoying the present.

There were many cases where we found ourselves happy but seem guilt for others. The first time when we thrown by the teachers out of classroom or the first time when we forgot our lunchboxes. The time doesn’t stops for anything we hardly remember our class lectures and the name of teachers but we do remember the insane activities and insane friends of childhood. There is no word or theme that presents life but these are.

When we first time bunked lectures in our college we find ourselves full of terror and excitements at the same time. We remember the time that we spent in the canteens and parks of a college better than attending classrooms. Why? Because life is all about living it not about choosing something that we don’t want to do.

We remember the crazy day of getting first job but forgot the crazy time we spend for preparing it. To live life sometimes we have to sacrifice something like freedom, joy, and happiness for some moment but we do get all things multiply by a factor after achieving target as a whole.

We crave in our life for many things and all big things that needs money to buy but do we care about the things that can give more precious moment without any money? Do we not feel happy when we celebrate birthdays, when we have some long discussions with anybody, when we go for a long walk, when we see rain from sky , when we see child smiling , when we see a couple , when we see a group of friends , when we see some genre movies , when we get ample amount of time to sleep , when we go home after a long time, when we see parents smiling, when we see bonus in salaries? Is it all needs money? No it is just a simple way of living that everybody lives whether he/she is millionaire or beggar.

Yes life is nothing else but spending each second of time such that we can embrace it , we can love it when we think about it in future , that we can cherish and enjoy, that we can tell anybody with a proud , that we can never be upset about it , that we can have and by our will.



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