How should be your first JOB look like?


Getting job is the best feeling a person do have after completing the college life. Some people get it so easily while others have to struggle hard for it. Many just want a job that can satisfy their need while some want a job that can satisfy their zeal of passions. It differs from person to person that what kind of job he/she is waiting for but before looking for a job make these points in your list that will be helpful in getting acknowledge afterward.
1.Choose Competitive environment – Getting into a company which is competitive can be helpful in many ways. It helps you in increasing knowledge, skills, ideas, experience and good people to work with. Getting monotonous, the lazy job at the start will kill the burning desire to achieve dreams. Always look for a company which can give you the good competitive edge.

2.Give preference to work than money- Money should be the last factor in choosing the job you want. A quality work can increase your chances of money in later stage but if you care for money and opted some bogus job then the case can be you will stay with the same package for whole of your life but if you are having a quality work then market demand can increase your value automatically.

3.Give the try for every dream job before you opt for one- Do not settle for first college placement ever. Always try to sit and apply for the companies you dreamed of before joining college. Applying and attending their interview session may help you in future in getting these companies if you missed out it as a first job.

4.Build Network before you start- Networking is a good thing to do before start working in a company. A networking can help in getting good prospects and bright future. Guidance is very important in any field of work and if you have a mentor who can guide incorporation then chances of your success can multiply ton no of people you know.

5. Work Hard in the first year- First year of a job is very crucial try to work hard in it in every possible manner. The knowledge you will get from seniors, trainers or from books will help you throughout of your life. Never take the step back from any opportunity try to grab everything that you can. It is the best way to get your dreams at your foot. Working hard will let you feel good about you later in life. The work you will do in your twenties will pay you the rest of the life.


  1. First job is the beginning of your professional career. You should be prepare to deal with people. No need to take burden of work, because everyone knows that you just graduated from college so you are in the learning curve. Just be professional, keep your eye and ear open. Listen to everything and follow the organization rules. Keep yourself open to new things. Don't focus on how much you are earning, instead you should focus on how you are progressing in your field.

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