Education is more than reading books and attending classrooms


I had invested around 20+ years of life since by birth travelling over and over to gain knowledge that what we termed as education.Do I really care about the place and people from where I am getting the knowledge? My answer is no unless I am getting the truth I don’t care about the source from where I am getting knowledge in. I got these five pillars from my experience that constitute pillars for education-

1.      Money is not important – Money is not that important pillar which you need to go in life ahead. The necessity of money is just limited to paying bills, buying travelling tickets, a source for simple cloth, shelter and food. Its necessity is till the point at which you can’t afford basic things of life. The more you earn the more life becomes tougher after a certain point. The person starts becoming materialistic from natural and starts taking everything as an investment which needs to give the return in back.

2.      Travelling is as important as marriage - Yeah, travelling gives a peace, a time to renovate yourself, a time to think about you and your passion. It gives a lifetime experience while meeting with different people and seeing a different world. One should always take some time from their busy schedule to travel and see the world.

3.      Food is much more than feeding the stomach- Exactly, one should not see food simply as a thing to feed the stomach but should try various cuisines in life. A penny on food is never wasted but you can taste different things and can thank god for sending you to the desired place. Every place you go you will find a different aroma around you. You can feel happy to try out various things.

4.      Knowledge Matters as breath does– Wherever you go knowledge will follow. The person to whom you are communicating about experiences, the person with whom you are discussing about your wok and the person with whom you are enjoying the best days of life everybody wants to listen to intellectual talk from you and thus knowledge matters in whole of your life.

5.      Passion is actual Life- If you have passion then your life will revolve around it only. You will never feel like you are working for something. Everything you do is like you are playing some games. Remember we do some activities because we like it and we never feel ever doing work same is the case with passion. Working around passion is like living life.



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