REVIEW: " Story Of Tublu"


“Story of Tublu” a novel filled with turning points and emotions throughout its content but written in a very simple way. The story starts by introducing three main characters , ”Mr. Sharma” a person trying to change the future of town by running an English medium school as well as helping the people in need. “Bipin” a person tensed with future of his child and him which is totally devastated by flood from Brahmaputra snatching his only income (tea stall) to make them homeless. A boy “Tublu” who don’t know anything about future came along with his father to meet Mr. Sharma so that they can start a new life.

The story introduces a lot of characters in between the novel depicting various faces of society in our day to day life. The story introduces two more characters “Maina” a sweet girl child of Mr. and Mrs Sharma for whom Bipin falls in love lately. “Paplu” only brother of Maina who is studious as well as hard-working , mostly top the exams and has long lasting impression on Tublu.

There some characters that added in between but the story taking a lot of turns in whole of its content. How Mr. Sharma helped Bipin by teaching him driving skills and offering him a job. The Life of Bipin and his son Tublu changed because of the help from Mr. Sharma. Whether it was admitting Tublu into his school by giving financial support or whether it was accepting Bipin as a family member. Mr. Sharma helped them a lot.

The story carries all the common things that most of us do in our childhood and hostel days. One can easily relate with his/her life while reading the pages of it. A few pages can make you laugh by reading senseless discussion between Tublu and their childhood friend and few pages can fill you with emotions.

The story is about Tublu and Maina as how life changes for both of them. Tublu starts liking Maina but never disclosed it, He was always in his own imaginary world, but Maina loved someone else from her college.

The story carries humor, emotions, love, affection, hatred, tension and tears. The story shows a relation of father and son in two different perspective, also it shows the values of friendship at regular times. It carries sentiments how whole family affected if anything happened wrong to one member.

The story carries childhood , adolescence and adulthood. How relations changes between Bipin and Maina at every stage. The story also shows the different stages as well as the character of women in the face of Maina.

The novel can be read for its simplicity. The style of narration is just like telling the story. The novel can bore you in between where too many different characters introduced and take control from the main characters, but the narration is so beautiful that can make you read it to the last. The Climax and start is really good.

“A novel that can look out for reading an interesting story of hope”

About the Author
Jahid Akhtar is a software developer by profession. He was born and brought up in Assam and resides in Bangalore with his wife Anjali and their little daughter, Jia. Jahid enjoys writing about some unforgettable moments, in his blog titled FlashbacksStory of Tublu is his debut novel.



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