What is important career or passion?


One of the most discussed topic of debates nowadays “What is important career or passion?” but nobody has the clear thing to say about it. I am eventually in the same breed fighting for passion, as well as career both. The passion that exists in the problem-solving, creativity, development, arts and theatre while career that exists in engineering, doctor, lawyer, businessman, CA and other professions. Most of the people fight between their activeness of left and right mind. One kind of people is those who have a mind of art and other having a mind of science.

I had seen people opting for sciences interested in arts and vice-versa but do it really because of career? I don’t think so. It’s the money behind these big professions and respect that society pays to these well-established careers. I have not seen many poets, writers or entrepreneurs getting success in 20’s but seen many techies and doctors living their life peacefully.

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The passion is all about following dreams until one don’t get it. The career is following clients until one don’t stop paying. The passion needs struggle, rejections, hunger, frustrations before getting enough name and fame while career is all about money, respect, peace but without any name and fame.

I have seen people working hard day and night to please their bosses but still their scream don’t cross the walls of their buildings. I have also seen people working hard for themselves and world but still their pocket doesn’t earn a penny for a long time.

I can compare passion to those buildings that were not build in a single night but had taken a long time to become a structure and even more long time in denting and painting. The structure that got its fame slowly and with the time becomes the hit of all time.

I can compare career to a new developed building that attracts thousand of people suddenly and remains the attraction for quite long time but with time it fades its value and also went in the list which people mostly forget in long time.

One cannot compare career and passion. Both have different tastes. If it needs a lion heart to follow passion it also needs tiger heart to follow a career. I am amazed to see the things that happen exactly opposite what we were thinking in our dream days before going into it. Everything that we are into seems like a worst job and everything that what we wanted to get enter into seems the best until one day we enter into it.

“Life is very crazy ride it will teach everything and learning from is the only way to lead happy life”


  1. can't really comment on this thing, i believe this is pretty individualistic choice, and i believe person knows what he wants to do, if someone not pressurize him.



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