I started reading from the chapters on moral science, English literature, General knowledge and other useful subjects that we use to have in our primary school. I learnt lot of things from them, the basics of culture, traditions, humanities, geography and history of mankind all I got from those chapters. When I was new on this earth I was having a firm desire to read each and everything that our land has. Whether it is about the rich history or about rich geography everything was so fascinating.

I read about the ancient era, medieval era and modern era. Everything was so perfect and structured that I never lost interest in it and slowly learned each information from the country to the world. The articles that I read about our freedom fighters and their moment to save the country inspired my love towards the country. The articles that I read about flora and fauna, metals and non-metals, mountains, plains, plateaus made me think about the natural resources and dependents of the world. I was always fascinated to read the things on various subjects because each subject made me more mature with more time. For getting basics only, I spent my 12 years of life in education.

Whenever I got a chance to study on the leaders I wanted to become among one like that. The chapters about the life of Mahatma Gandhi in 6th, 7th, and 8th class made enriched with great lessons from such a great personality. There was a separate subject that was solely dedicated to characters in our school. I learned about more than 60 personalities during those three years and every personality told some truth and generated desire to do something great.

The education from class 9th onwards was more likely about science and maths. The education was about concepts and logic. I learned to analyze, generate and examine results during my four year of tenure. I went to read more into deep about the subjects that developed a constant problem solving skills in mind. All those twelve years I trained myself to learn every bit of this world so that when I go into the real world I don’t get distract.

In general all of us have similar stories in life till 12th but the topic for which I am writing this article starts from here “GOOD AND BAD WRITINGS”. After this, everything is in our hand. Which book to read which to not? Which magazines to use which to not? Which person should we emphasize more which to not?

The era of the internet that changes my perception about life for which I was not ready for school .

These few websites and search engines are 

1.)    Google – It is a search engine that acts as a guru for us, for every problem there is a solution. The search results that it shows contain all the results good and bad. It is our responsibility to choose the correct one amongst the list. There is no such authority sitting that can manage the pages on the web about their content. The content may be good or bad. If it is good, the user will expect high results but, unfortunately, most of the articles are not up to proper use and made person jumping from one to other wasting quite lot of time. In books, there is a structured pattern, and it contains full-length knowledge, but the internet does contain a bit of it.

2.)    Facebook-Most of the people spent a lot of time here. The things that we get to read from here is all about the content from few pages and friends, but few days back I realized that it is now being used as a market strategy so mostly we get ads and  offers of different companies . A little bit images and cool statuses from friends.

3.)    Quora- This place is quite good, but mostly people are of both characters good and bad. In some questions, people with positivity try to make real answer to the asker but mostly people use it to throw out the frustrations in answers, and it affects the reader and readers ideology about topics.

4.)    Blogs- Blogs too often have good and bad things, but it didn’t affect much as a person mostly maintain a blog about his/her hobbies and experiences. Moreover reader is free to subscribe the intended blog of his/her use but still many blogs are there which try to length negatives on the web.

5.)    E- magazines- There are the quite good number of publications available, But still when we access any good article, there are the lot of chances that we will access the remain bad with catchy headlines and pictures.

My main purpose is to show you the happenings that are going on the internet. Now people are frustrated, depressed, Uncontrolled, full of with evil thoughts, Jealous, High, Short-tempered with full of hatred. That’s just because most read bad than goods.

 Let’s create a world of internet full of excellent articles and motivation for life.Avoid reading and sharing bad articles on the internet; if possible try to report it.



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