Ten Books that made me to think about Life


1.      RICH DAD POOR DAD – The book made a fun of education. The book teaches about life skills that can be used for earning money instead of getting the education. This book I happened to read in my third year of college and after reading it completely I found myself following a path which is going towards the wrong direction.

2.      STEVE JOBS- The book is an autobiography of Steve jobs and shown the good and bad phases of him. How he fights back each time after getting into trouble. The story of his life was written by Walter Isaacson showing every phase from birth to death. The events and experiences written inside the book are mesmerizing. I got a chance to read it in 7th semester and after reading a story about college dropout making millions feel me like I am not going anywhere after attaining this education.

3.      REWORK- The book giving emphasis on how a startup should start and what actually a business means. The book takes me through various phases of establishing a business. This book came out to impart business knowledge in my head without having any MBA degree. After reading the book, I felt like business is not that tough. I got a chance to read this book after my graduation making me think about doing business.

4.      WHO MOVED MY CHEESE- The book is a masterpiece by Spencer Johnson who teaches a life lesson by showing an example of four mice who reacts differently for the same situation and how everybody made work out of it. The book is like a real life example teaches me to move out before the things turn bad. I eventually read this book while traveling and after reading I felt that I am in a wrong path.

5.      HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE – The book I started reading it in my second year and got many reasons to build relationships with people across me. The book teaches me the art of making the network as well as the art of negotiation with people. After reading it, I felt like living a life with tricks is boring as I will get what you want 80% of the time. It made me control my anger to 5% from 85%. The book teaches me patience, but I never used the tricks while interaction to make it look likes real.

6.      CONNECT THE DOTS- This book is a basically life story of 25 people who made big without an MBA. This book teaches me that if they had done it even I can. After reading the book, I was filled with the experience of 25 people who made big like me without an MBA. I read this book in my fifth semester.

7.      STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH- The book is a masterpiece with the stories of 25 entrepreneurs from IIM. It teaches me a lesson why to do MBA and that too from IIM. I read this book in 5th semester only.

8.      LOSING MY RELIGION – A novel that I read in my leisure time after graduation teaches me the necessity of traveling and the art o business. A person who loses everything came out to become another sensation after. The book was a fiction one but still it gives me Goosebumps to do something out from the life.

9.      Revolution 2020 – A book by Chetan bhagat totally fiction based but still it gives a clear picture how a person without degree makes a life hell for an IITan. The book shows a true picture of India where politicians are enjoying the luxury of crores while people having degrees are not even able to find the jobs.

10.   GO KISS THE WORLD – The book by Subroto Bagchi telling his life experience since from childhood. The book is full of with inspiration that tells the story of a person who without any technical knowledge got a job in Tech Company and later co-founded MINDTREE.

The books I read about entrepreneurship, the movies I watched on business all teaches me to start something by my own but it’s the luck or destiny I never tried to start. I often think many times to do something by my own, but my soul never allow me to do so. Though 40 subjects that I read in b.tech never inspired me but these 10 books do. These books made me hate the education system but as I have already completed my one year graduating from college, I can tell you a lesson “education system was never wrong and neither these books but the personality inside us has to decide what to do in life. One cannot simply become an entrepreneur by just reading the books and neither can become an engineer by just reading the course. There is practical that need to be implement before arguing about anything and as I got a chance to implement practical’s on the theory that I read in my course into the job, I never felt it like a burden. There is a difference between a career and a job and once you think a job as a career life will be pretty easy for sure. The life is not all about one or two failure it is a marathon nobody knows when we pick up the speed to win at last”



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