The transition from a carefree youth to the responsible employee is really a tough process. The person who never uses to care about anything suddenly started to think about his/her past, present and future in a single go. The college going group who seems to be happy for everything in their life suddenly started worrying about each and every smaller event that are happening across them. The transition process is really tough and its complexity is not less than that of a child who first time go to school. A child, who weeps, screams and can do anything in that smaller class is now not allowed to do such mischievous activities in office. The child who uses to hate education system suddenly started loving it after graduating from a college. The process that teaches a student that you are employee now-

No to casuals – The first attack is on the dress and hair style. The person who could be famous for his beard or his fashion symbols is not allowed to do an experiment in office cubicles. He is expected to be there in formals for a whole day.

No Late BILLS-  The same person who can get go with the pocket money amount and can cherish the awesome lifestyle with little money is no longer have the luxury to do so. She/he now has to take care about house rent, electricity bills, the internet, washing, cook and other bills and believe me it is not less than a headache.

No Long Trips – There were many occasions in the college life when the group just planned a trip and had gone with the bunch of crazy friends by bunking classes. There is no more freedom to do so in jobs, Even if one will plan nobody is going to come as everyone has to go through the process of long leave application.

No Freedom – One cannot expect to bunk an office for sudden movies or shopping. One has to be there in office for a whole long day without any excuses. The freedom that one use to have in college for taking any decision at any time is no longer exists.

No Holidays- Since from nursery to the final year everybody enjoyed the luxury of summer, winter holidays but once in the job it’s really hard to get a long weekend only. So no more luxury in the involvement of family functions, friend’s gatherings if one is living far from hometown. The holiday’s becomes really like a dream.


  1. College life can never be traded for anything else...true! Nice...

    1. yeah, The memories we got from the college life can't be compare with anything else.



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