Having personal website is a dream for everyone although it is simple but most of the people do not want to invest a single penny in it because –

    1.        Domain name registration and web hosting look like buying a plot and           developing a home.
    2.        Hosting and Domain looks costly to them.
    3.         It looks difficult to handle the process required in hosting a website.
    4.          Lack of knowledge and programming experience.
    5.         Lack of guidance in maintaining a website.
    6.          Lack of focus on learning the technology to build websites.

So this article is all about forgetting the problems and start building the dreams. I will tell you step by step procedures that can help you to develop a website without any prior knowledge in server side technologies.

1)    Free Domains and free hosting - These are for those who want a website just to express their views in outside world or just to put some data about their business , work and about him/herself.
  • · - (WORDPRESS) The content management software is developed in a way that any person can start their website just following some basics installation steps. One has to sign up with their email accounts and by selecting any simple template (design) can start posting data.
  • · (BLOGGER) This website is same like but gives freedom to change the template according to wish. One can start with it by using simple designs already available and can enhance it further after some progress. One needs a Google account to start posting articles on it. The interface is very simple and I suggest beginners to use it.

2) Paid domain and free hosting- One can buy a domain from any of the leading domain providers to replace the URL of Wordpress and blogger. This process is very handy when a budget is little low. Only paying for the domain can be good idea if the website is for personal purpose.I suggest bigrock for buying domain although other players are there to choose

3)    Paid Domain and hosting –

  • ·       CMS(Content Management software) - Most of the people use (WordPress) content management system to host their website. It is a platform mainly used for hosting general purpose websites like personal business, service, and tutorial website. For this website a prior knowledge of programming is required or anybody can take services from other established cms developers.

  • ·       PHP – PHP is a programming language used by most of the people to develop websites in low costs by combining it with Mysql database. The content management software are written in this language only. There are many websites which provide free hosting for this language up to 200 MB space but security is not guaranteed in it.  All the rest major hosting provider services give hosting services for it because of higher demand. I suggest you Hostgator and GoDaddy are the best for hosting these kinds of websites.

  • ·       .NET –  ASP.NET hosting are used by professionals to develop business websites and portfolios. A proper programming knowledge is required while developing such kind of websites and hosting it on servers. Some of the links from where website can be host to..

  • ·       JAVA- JAVA websites can be host to TOMCAT or glassfish servers with Mysql or oracle database, but the general thing that is common with JAVA websites are that they are mostly hosted on APACHE TOMCAT server with MYSQL databases. Since they are heavy websites thus are costly among all but most of the major corporation use the same language for building websites for their business purpose. So a person can start using this link which hosts website low than other service providers in the market.

Hope you understand well about different languages and hosting providers but if you are the beginner and not from an IT background I suggest you to go with blogger or Wordpress to live your dreams.


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