Armaan delighted after confirming his tickets to Almaland. He always wanted to go there with Asma (his beautiful wife) from last five years but due to one or other reasons, every time he has to cancel his plans. He rushed towards Asma to show the tickets that he collected after such a long time to complete their dreams. Asma unknown from the fact was kept on busy in her own work.

Armaan whispered in her ears after getting close to her - “Asma here is a surprise for you”.

Asma replied in an innocent tone - what?

Armaan- Guess, from last five years you always wanted to see the place that you like the most. You always wanted to live the dreams of roaming the mountains in chilled winters. You always told me to see the silent sea from the far distance of a beach. You were talking about riding the boat in the midst of the ocean. You wanted to keep on running around the coast. You wanted to glare the beauty of the mountains. What you were telling about those fairy tales of large White Mountains from the years all you is going to experience it soon.

Suddenly the eyes of Asma changed from dull background to sparkling beauty.
She screamed with her full power – Armaan!!  Are we going to Almaland?

Armaan – Yes just pack your bags for the months. We are going away to a silent place far from this hustle and bustle of the city.

A place that is unreachable for a common man. No direct flights to the place. An island in the midst of the ocean with all around sparkling natural Forests and Mountains, in the winter it seems like some lady is standing in a white clothes in the ocean and experiencing the climate of earth. The place full of diamond, gold, uranium mines and reservoirs The place is governed by the power combination of seven countries and is a tourist attraction for most highly rated celebrities. The people who ever able to reach there is from their own choppers.

Armaan saved a plenty amount of money by working day and night just to see this place at least once in life. He wanted to fulfill the dream of his wife by travelling around every corner of it. Asma too wanted to be here as since from childhood she was amazed by the beauty and peace of this place. She has listened a lot of fairy tales about it. The place was more known for Prince and princess but here they are right in the middle of their dreams.

While Asma was adding entries in the to do list, Armaan was implementing everything in reality until one day when they listened about the blast in near hotel. It is the first ever attack on this Almaland and nobody knows who did it. All the seven countries started to increase the security of an island. Entry and exit were restricted for 15 days. Nobody can roam in and around it. Everybody was locked inside the hotels until a case is not solved about the attackers.

Armaan and Asma never imagined that this thing is going to happen here and they are praying for everything been normal. The next day another blast was observed in another hotel. Everybody got shocked after listening the death of a prince from Almaland. It was not the attack but the series of attacks that just started to take its mines and reservoirs by those seven countries.

Everybody wants to leave the island as soon as possible but it is not so easy to do it. The death of a prince results in a heavy tension on the island. Next day when authorities are planning to send tourists back to their countries and increase the level of security, everybody saw a huge presentation of drones in the sky of Almaland, all ready to attack on the island.

Asma and Armaan were confused about their status to reach home. The place which seems to be the best peaceful place on earth and unreachable to the other countries is burning in fire. Armaan was seeing a large number of drones in the sky that are controlled from some other place. The drones that do not have any emotions associated with them working for what they are designed. The drones that started bombing and firing on the island having some 20000 people in which most of the celebrities among them. Soon the best architecture that carries thousands of years of glory is being destroyed by drones in front of everyone. A place known for peace having no weapons to fight, a place that is governed by seven countries is hoping that any country can come and save them, but they are fighting with each other about controlling powers among them. Nobody was ready to send their troops to save this beautiful island and its people.

One shot was peeped inside the head of Asma and gosh. She is dead. Armaan taking her in his arm could not believe on what just happened. He still is trying to talk with her. Asma open your eyes, you cannot go like this, I took you here for completing your dreams not for sending you to dreams. Asma open the eyes, but Asma was dead. Armaan moved his head towards his surrounding all could he see was burning of forests, White Mountains turned into black. Hotels are now just a piece of garbage’s. Everywhere dead bodies spread around him. He couldn’t able to see anything other than the black smoke reaching towards the sky. The beaches those were famous for its beauty now looking like some painting with no attraction.

Armaan was cursing the day when he decided to come here , Asma was in his arm looking like some sleeping child who will suddenly woke up to smile . Armaan was shocked about the incident that happened in just two hour. Armaan could think anything more before that another attack from drone took his life.

The drones that are controlled from some remote locations are killing everybody on that island by sensing their bodies it is not a plane that is controlled by some ho can make a mistake but are designed by the man for destruction purpose. Within an hour, Whole Island was converted into the graveyard.

The seven countries unaware about such a fast attack kept on fighting about who will send their troops first to save the lives on island until each of the countries saw thousands of drones coming to attack them.

The world is killing each other just for materialistic things. Just be above to them there are more reasons to fight. Fight for poverty, Fight for Food and water, Fight for education, Fight for human rights, Fight for children dreams why everybody is fighting for diamond and gold? Countries are developing bombs and drones better use the budget in feeding people and giving education. Thousands of people like Armaan and Asma die everyday. Nobody has record for that.



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