It is the day that I will remember for my first step in meeting with the real bloggers. How often are the days in our life when we saw people sitting behind the screens? Yes it’s not a usual case. We are the bloggers who want to change the world with our own thinking. We want to paint the canvas across the world in our own way. Often we love to hear from the people that they liked our work but from inside we just want to express our feelings what we have right in our heart.

So the exploring personality inside me saw an event page on facebook regarding HYDERABAD BLOGGERS MEET , It had been just a month I settled here but I can’t stop the personality inside me to choose this event thus I reached early in the morning may be because I want to explore the place before the start of bloggers meet . I kept on exploring the areas near the venue and at last entered into the venue with hopes of learning something from it.

The session started well with the center around “story-telling” taken by Venkataraman that keeps hitting my mind with each concepts of storytelling. I do a blog from a considerable time but never thought about the importance of impact and expression in writing but the session cleared much of the things. The session was the one who admired many people across it.

The second session taken by subhorup around the theme of social marketing and that was quite fine. The session discussed about the possibilities of traffic on the blogs via social networks. An amount of discussion was done around it that cleared many things for the beginners.

Then april came and with her US style she talked a lot about blogs. Why is it necessary? How it is changing lives around the world? How journalism can be happening by it and many more thoughts. After this session we have a superb lunch organize by feazt. The next session was too great and talks about photography and self discovery that can inspire a lot of people but overall the meet was quite good.

The thing that we can get from these meets is the confidence to blog and to see the real charming faces around you who also blogs like you without having anything to return from. One thing I can certainly say that it was the meeting which nobody attended it because it’s just happening around it. Everybody attended the meet to get something from it and to give something from it.

The choices of expression may differ from one blogger to the other but the other things remain same with them. It’s not just the usual case when you see such a large number of people gathered at one place just to discover something around soul. I know the days had gone where people met with each other just because it carries some attraction to them but this meet resembled the same.

Even the discussion around was such a soothing that gives life to the tea. A nature mixed with tea by “BLEND OF TEA”. The imagination to understand the age of tea was superb. Everybody liked the way speakers interacted with the audience.

One can forget the things but the session on photography was just amazing. I always wondered about how these photos are taken so brilliantly. Even the whole nature comes to the cameras on a one click. But the way Saurabh defined everything was great. It’s not the luck that comes into plate of photographer but the hard work that pays of him with such beautiful snapshots.

Many people complaint about their life and their decisions across it. They shamefully tell everyone about their bad time. Here I met with the Subhabrata who discovered himself around his blogging journey and living a life that is right according to him right now. He told a story about himself how he changed himself by a process when there is nothing in his life back.

I met with some energetic young people for whom age is not a limit, who made this meet even more beautiful by their presence only. In the meet there were a lot of things to talk and to realize but if you think about it was just a great day in my life.

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  2. Sounds amazing...I have never been a part of any bloggers meet, but if I get a chance even I would love to make some memories like u...;-)

    1. Yeah definitely :) Bloggers meet are all about fun and learning. One can get an ample amount of experiences and interactions here with other fellow bloggers . The meets are exciting and entertaining as well.
      I wish you to be a part of these meets soon.



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