Of course i am an engineer but ... WHERE IS MY DREAM ?


Dreams are hurting my life since from childhood. Once it was in the form of night sleeps and now it is a day dream with open eyes. The story of dreams in my life started when I was a boy in class 10th and was ready to appear for my board exams.

Before 10th

What do you want to become in life?
I-                  A police officer ( because I just saw a movie on some hot shot police officer)
II-               Pilot ( Because flying Aero plane is a cool thing to do )
III-            Actor ( Its very great to see shahrukh khan and others doing acting and having lot of fun)


What do you want to become in life?
I-                  Board Topper ( Because I will get a photo on newspaper and a computer as a prize from school)
II-               Scientist ( Because talking about modern physics and nuclear reactions is a great thing)
III-            Poet ( Because just few days back I had written a poem and everybody is liking)

But the thing is after working very hard many people end with just only high percentage of marks and nothing related to their dreams. Life is seen by the eyes of teachers and parents and everybody relates with the marks.

What do you want to become in life?
I-                  IITan (Because teachers are putting thoughts in mind that IIT is everything in life and the toughest competition of the country. If anybody cracked it anyhow his/her life is going to be JHINGALAALA)
II-                Doctor( Because I am with the biology and no option is left)

At last nobody cares about the past dreams. The students inside this whole country were just busy in solving integration, differential problems of maths. Everybody was hanging between fluid dynamics and mechanics nobody thought a while for what they want to do in life; they just want to solve as much as organic and inorganic reactions as they could. Even SN1 and SN2 mechanism didn’t save them. The dreams were pointing to just one thing IIT. Everybody started fighting for it and unfortunately with so less numbers of seat in a country at IIT killed thousands of dreams who were capable and more than thousands who were not. All lies on the same level and thus the mushrooming private colleges helped them to get a seat for fulfilling their dreams at least as an ENGINEER.

These are the same ENGINEER who is working in so called Multinational firms and doing nothing just ctrl+x, ctrl+c and ctrl+v work. Although they had already got a job but still thinking about one question…

What do you want to do in life?

I-                  MBA ( Because Investment banking is career bout money , Because Managers paid more than that of ENGINEERS , Because I want to become a boss )
II-               MTECH( Because I know I had not done anything in my BTECH , Because I can get a good job)
III-            PHOTOGRAPHER( Because I always wanted to be and its cool having a DSLR)
IV-           WRITER( Because I want to tell my unsuccessful love story to the world and these days writing industry is grooming and of course for fame)
V-              And LONG LISTING CAREERS………………………..

I know if our education was little what better everybody is enjoying their life now. Engineering do not having so many crowds that employer can be boss here. Engineers do not have same status as doctor because population is not so large here. This is just because of a dream called IIT which was shown by our society to the generation of 2000-2010 people that killed a lot of dreams and produced competition among ENGINEERS of the country.

Ps - I am too one of them.


  1. Hey, even I'm one among them...I
    Guess there are many others like us.
    T'was really a great post.Short & straight but has a lot of meaning...yea, sometimes in this journey we just keeping goin with out even thinking about what our heart actually wants...dreams...career..money...& all...???
    Seems like it's never gonna end!!

    1. Yeah it is a rat race and we are following it since from our childhood. The day when we get to know the truth about it our real talent comes out to say " THE LIFE I WAS LIVING IS BASED ON THE SOCIETY RULE NOW I AM GOING TO BREAK THE RULES TO DEFINE THE PURPOSE OF LIFE FOR ME" and we get to know yeah that's the only thing which we wanna do by heart but not many of us realize it in early stage and many of us end with the similar life of other like them.



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