Living my life for Experiences not for Money J……. Do I need to prove it?


It all started with the concept of money …..

What is MONEY?
It is a commodity that can help us to buy everything in life except happiness, love and relationships.

What society thinks about it?
It is a parameter to know the status of happiness and well being in the life of an individual.

Why it is necessary in one’s life if he/she is already satisfied?
Because society will not let you live peacefully. Everyone ask you a question about why don’t you buying a car? Why you are not putting new marbles? Why you are not wearing designer clothes and from your toothpaste to your undergarments they will ask you a lot of questions that makes you tend to think “Yeah he/she is right I need to develop” and here it starts the birth of a crazy money mind people.

What it can do for you?
It can do various things like admitting your child from school to college with donation, It can help you to show off in between your circles :P and also can make you think about superiority among other people in the society .It can even fetch you respect in your neighborhood.

Does it really necessary?
In my point of view all the above points are created by society itself and boundaries are also defined by the people having money in their pockets .In my views yeah of course it is necessary as a fuel of life. No one can neglect it for livelihood but there are different priorities for everybody in life. Some wants to see their pockets full of money while other wants to fill their minds with experiences. I belong to a second category that’s why I am here talking about money like this. I want to say few things through this article like…

1)    If a person is a good scholar .Does it is compulsory that he/she needs to earn good money also?

I have seen many people who were the toppers of their batch and many were gold medalist but they choose what their heart said and rejected high paying offers just to live simple life where they can do whatever they want because it is good for their soul but society wants them to earn money and everybody is talking about failure although he/she is never failed.

2)    If a person is not saving even a penny and spending everything in travelling , adventuring , exploring just to get experiences and satisfaction but again society wants to save their money such that they can lead a good life in future .( Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow?)

3)    If a person wants to distribute all their income in poor people and never wants to own a big house, car and luxury. People think that this person is phool doing nothing for himself and his children and is unhappy with his life (But actually he is enjoying his life like nobody can).

4)    If a person is a government servant and he/she is not taking any illegal amount from other people as a service. People say he must be saving his whole income in banks see that Mr. A who is in the same post and having luxurious life.

Yeah people are not money minded but the people talk about money so much that everybody even who don’t want to earn money start thinking about it.



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