Good Bye
It’s really a great journey being a blogger started in the may 2012 as a curiosity and took it seriously in May 2013 and ending it all in June 2014. I know you want a reason behind it. The readers are like a pearl for a writer with each comment and a mail a writer is energized.

When I look back I started to share my thoughts my feelings with the world , it made me realize that I am a different , I have something that can make me change this world through my writing skills but I was immature and still I am immature . Why this world will hear from a 21 year old boy who spent all his last 9 years being in the technology books, away from the home for getting the education, killing the relationships, growing stone in place of feelings , mind got jammed with formulas and programming codes , no realization of this fake world which teaches how to deal with the people , with fake smiles , with fake expressions , with fake praise .

People here afraid to leave a place only once, But why the world will listen the story from a boy who did 5 times in past. Some close family members say you have no feelings towards the society but yes I have no feelings and why they will understand that after each year’s faces changed. Why they can understand that I can’t make myself adjust in the world where I revolved around every kind of person and tasted their reactions.

The society is here to bury the dreams around you, it all makes you to keep revolve around the status as you are now; thinking to change something is a crime here. Why anybody will understand that each night people sleep but most of the people like we dream and dream about everything all people can’t. Why this world will understand that when most people are busy in flattering, generating relations I was thinking about life. Being a writer is a crime in the society and if you do so, people will tell you that you are lonely people, do not have smile on your face, you don’t know how to meet with the people, you don’t know how to deal with the elders, you don’t know how you actually are, even society will consider that you don’t have etiquettes to deal with them.

As a student leaving away from the home, in the hostel where even time was set to enter and exit in the room. When majority of child were dealing with people, talking with relatives, friends, attending functions and learning this society. I was left with the options to remain with books either with course or with the biographies. As I started reading about books, I was tending more in love with the lifestyle where people feel good spending life alone; I was having no pain in spending time whole day with a novel. As school life moves in the hostel, college days too not like the same as hostel but more difficult one. I tried at each junction to be happy with the surroundings like I have. I kept on reading the books from every topic and thus developed a lot of understanding about every subjects and life. Even not only this I kept on passing the classes with flying colors and great percentage. In engineering two things happened at the end 4 years either you hate technology like anything else or you fell in it loving more than even your life and I was among the second option holders. But why this world will listen when society teaches you – after getting education your mind got disturbed, you don’t even know how to talk with the people.

The lifestyles are different at each place - in India first people want that their child should get good education, best lifestyle, awesome livelihood and in the second phase when child starts dreaming about his/her goal and wanted to chase that, everybody from the society comes into the front saying that you are not going to do this and that, what we are telling do that.

It’s not something that made me hurt that I am stopping writing but I am stopping because I don’t want that my thoughts should reach to the world with my name. People will read it and connect with me. I don’t want to read the diaries of a 21 year boy by a 25+ people and thinking about how he running his life. Neither I want that 18- boys and girls will read it and connect with their lives. The life is a crazy one every now and then people will come to teach you and when you are regular with that work they will again come to change you.

So good bye, Thanks for reading my posts and I will be always thankful to you for these nearly 14000 counts in 2 years of journey with 60 posts. May be it’s a fear that stops me posting about my articles under my name or something else need your comments if you can relate with me. I am new just completed my education don’t know where to go how to survive for chasing my dreams but if you had done in your past I will feel god if you share it . I have deactivated my facebook account in recently, in a few days twitter, instagram, pages will be deactivated soon so it’s like the suicide on the online media, internet life to understand real world good bye.



  1. Buddy a blog or a website is not meant to say Good Bye to its readers. If you have started it, you will have to keep it alive. You can make it dead only when you won't renew your domain name. I am not sure why you became so hurt, but my dear friend it is a virtual world and you can easily go ahead without being hurt by those things...

    1. Thankyou for your comment.the whole day I was thinking about the same , I started it as a passion and I can't stop my hand in it but can take better measures to solve my problems

  2. I don't know why... you are not seeing the positive side, you are just 21, still you act mature, you have a great understanding towards life. You are doing good, God knows why you are seeming heart broken. Well i would like to suggest, keep blogging as who cares you are 21 or people reading it are 15, 25 or even 50. Also teen people too spend hell of time on net surfing so you have your audience. Well its your life your decision but always remember... Never Quit ..... and Never Say Never :)

    1. Thanks for your positive comment , I changed my view to stop write instead I will focus on presenting more thoughts in front of world, I think its a regular case comes in every writers life once , I was writing but couldn't write many things in fear of society because writing takes you open in front of the world. Yeah you give me a nice suggestion it could be my strength as I can write for both younger or elder.



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