GAMING FUTURE- I have seen a dream with movies


Gaming industry has changed a lot in past few years and the same happened with movies .3D, 4D techniques , animations changed industry and the audience experience to a lot of extent . The scientists are confused where they will be going to take next step. Most of us have already watched the experience of the 3D movies where the dimensions have changed the excitement and craziness. The feeling to look the scenes closely can’t be described by the words. If we talk about the gaming we have experienced thrill, secrets, racing, excitements, and fun. In our hostel days playing counter strike & call of duty on our LAN was the best memories we had taken back, on a single screen students from every other corner of the building playing it simultaneously.

Apart from it I have seen the dream a dream where games and movies both are going to combined on a same platform yes I am talking of combining them on a single platform.

A dream can’t be predicted by words unless it have some story so the story begins with a character named BOB wants to watch some new experience with his friends Lisa and smith .They have experienced everything till the date and wanted to enjoy , explore something new. BOB wants to get it into the games while smith wants to watch it in the movies. Lisa knows something else and after some discussions they agreed with Lisa and bought tickets to a newly open auditorium in the city. They don’t know whets going inside it.

An auditorium full of seats but not with the audience, the structure inside was like any old horror film set, it was divided into a series of stories with each corners filled with some curtains, fans and other extra accessories. The all of three were confused.

In front of them there was a big screen and as soon as they saw it excitement starts vanishing slowly, A movie is started with some horror noises and freaking background . All of a sudden when people starts feeling lost in the story of movies the scenario of whole hall changed, everything near and around was giving them feeling of reality. The wind starts blowing in the same way. The characters came in front of them. They do not have any what to do now.

It’s like that they move in to the movies as a character. the people all around running with the swords to kill each other and what finds bob was never less than a horrible , a sword to kill the character of movies. They suddenly flushed away in the movies like any other character and this is not only happens with the bob or Lisa but every other person sitting inside the Auditorium.

 I am not here going to tell the full story how they fight or lived that game in a movies but wants to show you that the animations and techniques are going to become so stronger that the limited tie movies will going to be unlimited and a character watching the movie can change the story ending by his/her actions.The use of artificial intelligence , gaming console , animated environment can make movies to the next level . There will be no movies in future where a person will come and say its boring , it will all depends on the actions taken by himself watching the movies. The programming and technology is going to be much faster that even a formation of character its action will not be a big case. Hoping somebody someday will read my dream and can implement it into the technology to feel the experience we have never got till date.

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