Placements in IT companies like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, ACCENTURE needs a different strategy for selection. It’s not like the end-semester exams where one can mug in the last night to crack it. The selection procedure mainly divided into parts rather than a single exam. The rounds that are mainly involved are aptitude test, technical test, technical interview, group discussions, mr round and the hr interview. It depends from company to company that which rounds are involved in the selection process. 

In an IT sector it hardly matters the college reputation for companies, if you know the things well chances are more that you will be placed. The things that you should keep in minds for the next session placement activities is that your hard work ,caliber , passion can easily fetch you a top job irrespective of visits of companies in your college.
So how you started for preparing the placement activities plays a very important role in cracking any interview , so keep the things in mind I am going to tell you and follow them , I am sure success will be yours –

Summer training -  The first thing you must concentrate about placements is your summer training , choose any one language you are comfortable with , it may be .NET , JAVA , PHP or any other one . Try to brush up all the basic concepts during it. Object oriented programming concepts are common except syntax in all the languages. Polymorphism, inheritance, classes, objects make sure you learn each of them very well. Some differences between variables types (instance, global, local, static, and dynamic) you must understand them. More over you should know about the access-specifiers and their scopes in programs.

The summer training project is the first encounter with you to the project world; try to design the css, html and templates by yourself. It helps you in the creativity of your mind in the designing activities. Insert all the functionalities of the project from programming language to work it in a fully functional project. Disturb your instructor as much as you can to get the experience and knowledge from them. Clear your all doubts here before making into the next semester classes. Finish the project, make a file, and add certain things inside the notes which will help you to cover questions in interview like-

1.      Tell me something about your project work?
2.      What you have learned from your summer training?
3.      How did you collect requirements for a project?
4.      Write some codes (they will give you) from the project – basically from database connectivity and functions.

Programming Languages -  In terms of programming languages C is the first language to concentrate on YASHWANT KANETKAR ( LET US C ) is the best book , believe me once you start preparing from it c language will not be horror for you . It’s the structural language so you must clear your concepts of function, methods, data types, output problems. you can strong your logics for the programs like prime , Armstrong , random , star pattern easily from here , there are lot of exercises are waiting for you, after spending time move to c++ brush up your oops concept and then stick with the language you did your summer project.
For tips about programming you can learn from here-

Subjects -  
Data structure - Sorting, searching, insertion, deletions algorithms are important, you cannot understand the everything in a day but you can use Wikipedia, datastrucure by yashwant kanetkar, core man to understand about the basic concepts and believe me focus on the basics only.

Operating systems- Basic concepts of memory, input output processing, paging, deadlocks are important just one book can make you succeed in it and that is Galvin.

Database management -system Queries, Normalization, Acid properties, basic concepts are important and the source is all Wikipedia, it’s better to learn from the internet regarding queries and normalization than to follow any book.

The above three subjects are enough to crack any interview but if you love to study
Computer networks - Ip , osi model , basic concepts about seven layers , protocols basic (udp , tcp , ip e.t.c)
you can learn from frouzon , it’s all written there in a very simple language.

Software engineering - Testing , software development models , seven steps involved in developing any software , requirement specifications e.t.c. , you can get all the details from punkaj jalote.
Aptitude –

Math’s –   for this section I will suggest you –how to crack quant in cat by Arun Sharma level 1 ,2 exercise , nothing extra asks other than this.

Reasoning – For reasoning prepare from GRE BARRONS and Arun Sharma (reasoning) book, gre Barron will also help you in your English skills.

English - Online material + practice test of IELTS + TOEFL
M4MATHS.COM can help you in Practice papers and interview questions while can help in subject papers and other skills.

For the interview experiences you can visit my two successful attempts-

Prepare well for the core technical knowledge , I will update you about soft skills soon-

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