10 things you must remember while talking to first time with anyone


It’s a strange world where people want to die on something they love, the world is full of dreams and desires and it’s our vision that how we can relate it with ourselves, we have seen the way people like and dislike other people some have the reason and some do not have but they do irrespective of their concern about others. I met many people some are great with their conversations and some are not so good, some are very talented in presenting themselves and some do not so much good to present themselves but one thing come out from this is interest in you and the other whom you are taking in the topic going on.

Many times people will ask about introduction and many times they want more from you, it’s the first meeting where you can prove them about your vision, your attitude and your personality, the second time they meet with you are not concerned about who you are, it’s the first time they know who you are and what your plans and how will you benefit them in their work. It’s the general ritual of this world to make contact with you and see who you are to get a profit from you. It’s not only others do but you also took the same path in many situations.

So the topic is that how you can be benefited from talking and discussing others, you have to keep few things in your mind to make you in position where people will not treat you like an entity and you will not treat others as a commodity.

1.     Welcome other people with a smile on your face ,I know it’s  a general thing and you all know about it but it’s the first thing by which you and also others think them as a safe talking to you, if you go to them by a irregular facial expression ,they will threatened and you will also feel insecure.

2.     Discussed about the topics something you are familiar with and other one also, don’t go for the topics where one knows many things and other is just arguing about it to make him correct, its only make out relation worst.

3.     Never discuss about the activities of a people you know in common because one will always meet them and tell about it to the person that affects your or their relation with the person.

4.     Never show the achievements or awards you have got without asking about it, it makes you as people who showoff and other people will also regret about not having it and they always try to be away from you in next meet.

5.     Do not try to be over smart, if you have arranged a party to show them, it will only take them to think that you are alone and you want a company of people that’s why you have arranged a party to them.

6.     Never ever argument with anyone ,if you win they have bitter value towards you at the end if you lost it will feel them you are a loser who always wants to win with a wrong statistics in hand.

7.     Take care that you should not disclose any personal talk with them, because if you do, in future they can blackmail you.

8.     Your family is important so never ever give details about your family members in a first meet, and never show them who you are actually, belong to higher class, middle class or lower class.

9.     Never ever disclose your salary and office details with them, its enough to share designation and company name.

10. The last but not least ,always take interest in their talk whatever they are telling it feels them that you are a good person who have high values instead you are listening to them.

These were the best practices you can go for if you want to be a person, who knows for a good personality and better behavior than others, by applying these traits in your life you can easily get contacts and never ever fail in any mission because of only just a talk. A discussion matters more than that any other thing matter, so keep it simple and enjoy talking with others.



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