how to manage your activities and focus on your goal?


The question “how to manage the time and be focused about your goal” is hurting everyone from the small child to aged person. It’s a burning question now a day for everyone. I don’t know much about the techniques and tactics but what I know is to show you a path to follow that can lead you to manage the time and also helpful in focusing about your goal. it’s my personal experience I also can’t focused and managed my time for long extent but somewhere I also managed it, I remember in my school days and in the hostel too I was much focused about my goals and have a time management skills as something was arranged in a better way that you can’t change your schedule if you do you will miss the whole day without food without  fun .

I used to wake up 4 in the morning then exercise classes by our instructor and jogging, games from 4.30 to 5.30 no matter summer or winter, you have to do it and we all did it. then study before schools ,the school whole day then some rest then evening tea  and again games for 1 hour them some recreational activities and then study till night and then sleep before 10 also five times prayer and all ,in childhood I did it all these but as soon as I grew older I am little bit lazy ,during college it’s very hard to awake in the morning ,exercises forgotten here, studies are no more serious business, I am talking all this not to tell you about me but want to correlate with you.

So if you want to manage your time here are the few tips-
1.     Try to chalk out your daily routine and then prioritize your work according to their importance.

2.     Cut the work and time you spent without doing any productive work like gossiping unnecessarily, taking long calls on phone e.t.c

3.     Now make a list of activities you want to do in your schedule but couldn’t make it to the real due to lack of time.

4.     Compare your first list and last one according to importance now throw unimportant things and insert important ones.

5.     Again take a quick look on it; cut an hour of time from it for yourself a part from sleep where you can discuss with you about yourself (it’s a important part of life).

6.     Present time is the best time to survive on this planet, try to utilize it to the maximum.

7.     Point out the goals you want to achieve, some people say sky is limit but I don’t agree with them, I say instead of this options makes a man weak so try to concentrate on one work at a time, don’t run before option.

8.     Choose your career and life events very carefully as your future depends on it.

9.     Don’t go for the things what others are doing and what others want to do just follow your heart and do what you want to do.

10.  Neglect all the distractions from your life and be focused on what you want to do.

So these were the ten tips but I would say the future is more important than present ,the people may make fun of you for behaving so much focused and serious but one day when you will succeed they will praise for it, it’s the ritual and history whenever anyone moves in a different direction in a different way the people start talking about his foolishness but once he/she reached to his/her destination they started talking about his/her achievements ,so don’t bother about your friends relatives just be focused towards your dreams and your vision ,do whatever you want .

It’s really hard at teenage what to do what not to do to understand but in our childhood there were mentors in form of parents, teachers who teaches us so now it’s time to use their teachings, its more useful than the lessons of books because this is life and what your parents suggest you is the best you can go for, sometime they may be wrong at this time not to make arguments with them but try to realize them what is right for you. So better to focus your dream and your goal and manage your time for it. Nobody can tell you how; it’s you only who can manage it.


  1. Nazar .. this is fabulous !! I learnt so much from this post .. focus .. one thing at a time .. great post !!



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