why the each and every people is so different?


There was a long  time I didn't write anything for you people because I was busy in something and there were future projects for I was concerned sorry for that ,this is totally a personal talk ,this is not any article that will make you focus on something  ,it’s an article that will reveal some facts of life through me.

I had seen many of friends during last few months ,they were so frustrated that they started hating their life without any cause, for some girls were the reason, for some study were the reason, people are not bad by  their  heart ,every boy or girl has a different story to live their life.

I went closely to many people who are studying hard and other people make fun of them because they are padhaku  but discussing with them I found the reason that they are the  glittering star of their family, there were hope of mother,sister,brother ,father with them, their family was not so related to higher class people ,the person is the only hope for them, thus he/she is struggling in life.

I went to some more people an arrogant people full of attitude, in starting they were not so friendly, they are full of anger ,when you first time talk to them ,you will hardly go for second, although I felt the same but meeting them again and again I found the reason why they are ,they are very sweet by their heart ,they do not want to be in touch of anyone because they feel that they can reveal their secrets to them thus they prefer to be lonely and they don’t want to hurt anybody by their behavior so they had made themselves bad one.

I also met some girls an arrogant girls and sweet girls both, one thing i  learned from them is that they are totally fearing about everything, what they have ,they fear to lose them and what they do not have they fear to not getting it, perhaps they are also fearing in talking to the guys, they think that other guy that is talking to them is in love with her or either want to be in relationship and here comes roles although both type of girl want to be with but arrogant girls make the life as a hell for a guy by demanding things and wanting care, where as sweet girls trying to understand other guy by simply giving signals that nothing could be happen in them because they were in some other world of fantasy where a king will come to take with them. there are lot of things surround them that I will cover n other sections ,its not about all but someone whom the world see by different view ,the girls who are open minded, who are free to live the life and I solute them because they do not care to anyone and doing what they want.

I met many other people who do not work things too hard but they have luck with them and they are getting everything they do want in their life but other people can feel bad or may be in down feeling so they try to meet with them as they see them and be like them ,although he/she can show many things, their qualification, their awards, their certificates, their knowledge in form of their attitude, their ego, But he/she kept down with them and teachers may feel everyone here is like same  mind but they know why they are looking like this. It’s not about to show the money but if you use them in a great way it will cause you famous and if you throw like water this will cause you to be fugitive.

There were many situation I dealt with few last days that I break me to weep and some with endless laughing, I had develop so much multiple personality thing that everybody to whom I meet with them feel that I am guy of their field, this comes because I was researching on the human interaction and I chose the people who are known for their smartness, the experience that I got is a great one, although you know that the mangoes among apple are different and you can easily find them but the shopkeeper who have a taste of apple never like mangoes when he want to buy apples because their taste different ,their rate different. The same formula is for life if you have a  different thoughts and different styles you will always said by your colleagues for it because you have a different taste and they will feel you like a joker who is doing unnecessary things but once you go to people having similar taste you will rock their as I am sure. We should have to keep in mind a long term of success not a shorter one.

So try to live your life as you want don’t go for anyone other whose advice is useless for you.



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