in conference with vice president of india padmshri hamid ansari


it was a really gr8 day for me to be with vice president of india....learned a lot from his visionary speech ..and his vision towards the country.
its so easy to tell many things about the government and authorities but it really matters for them to make everyone happy so there decisions includes benefits of all the society from every corner.
knowledge and education are the key to success as in future these are the only tools that will matter you.
youth is trying many things at this time but the country development is changing very fast from the hands of freedom fighters to the hand of young minds....the policies and acts changing. Education system is going to change at its best so we have to change our vision towards the country it doesn't matter to gain only skills but matters to apply at the industry for country . we have to make some decisions regarding our future plans to serve the society and to serve the country.there are plenty of fields where we are lacking at this moment we have to improve at these points and be certain to make something for that we born in the world.
no one is dumb no one is talented all thing is to do is to know about what we are..when we will find this we will become among the talents of the country.



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