those damn days of college


the days of college life are the most memorable days in our life...we fly,we enjoy,we learn,we try,we compete and at the end we got what we want.
everybody have a different vision for it for somebody its a stage of learning while for others its a stage of creation but for me its a stage of dedication.really its a dedication that drives you everywhere to live the life in free body stop you at this stage but everybody favour about what you want..some may got a good company of friends while some are tempted by bad ones while some are enjoying it alone..but the really what matters is the way you are living your life and what type of environment you are getting at your side.
i think if you are friendly and smart then you are going to rock the sky ..if you are in hesitation ,most of people will be in search to make fun of you ...if you are dabang you are the tiger of your college.
apart from this you have to deal with each and every kind of guy and gals so be passionate about dealing with not show you at the first meet or even wait for the time when they call you in a friendly manner and a important point is that dont share any kind of secrets with any one you can share your happiness and grief but can't secrets.
dont tell about your weakness and never show them weak points you are lagging.
you have to be a political person if you want to earn name and let start. 



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