placements "HOW TO CAPTURE?"


this is another article for you people who are much disturb for their placements.

one thing you have to understand that everyone can't crack all the pre placement offer so you have understand yourself which company is best for you.

many companies see about techniques,some may see tactics,some for knowledge and mostly for creation.

if you have a keeda in you who can sort out the solution of every problem then you can go for developing your own business ,if you have a firm desire to learn from the top expertise then go for some major core companies in your field ,if you want money at all then go and crack the rounds,interviews to get a high package job by impressing selectors,if you need money at any cost then you are force to do job at any company for any payscale.

the most of the placements depend on what you had done in the past for your degree whether its a quality degree or just a time pass.


if you have a knowledge and skills and you are technically sound having a good communication skills there is no need to worry market is full of employers who want these guys while if you had a bad experiance regarding your past...not knowing much about your field then its time to worry ...there are only two option for you either you can go for higher studies or you can beat race by doing hard work in time you remain with.

the world you can only won by doing something different from others rest you know what happened with the guys whom you are following.

market wants profit and we want money go and search a good ideas to make them profit and earn money.

its all about skills that sell.

you have to sell yourself in a way you can best represent yourself to get a job.



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