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hiiiiiiiii guys and gals..........
"It’s really a drastic situation when your best friend deny to be with you at some situation and their u feel how important the life without friends"
It’s all about friends in college life if you are with a good company of friends you are the luckier as u enjoy, learn, punish with them. They are one of the finest people for you in the world for your welfare or for your company.

Even we can't imagine a single day without them, we laugh, gossip, chat, comic and all the stuff that can be done with them. In a group we are looking genius...for us the rest of world is fool and we are just the champs, we criticize together, we praise together but here comes a situation when a person among you start attracting others either in term of praise or in term of quality. for someday friends will feel proud to be with you but at some situation your enemy will hate the bond and they tried to detach it so the evil came your group the friendship bond may break or over with that.

Its harsh reality of life that we suffer from the closer one more than that from far one. Friendship is a best relation in the world but if you share all the personal information with them...the same become worst for you.

-try to spend quality time with them not a quantity.
-we can teach them and can learn from them but not the bad habits.
-we are together to enjoy the world but not at the cost of study.
-we are helpful and can take help from them but not for revenge.
-its purest bond and want to be pure with it but not to make harm them.
-we love the characters in them not the money with them.

You can think how stupid I am to write these things for but yeah I am ...these are the best rules to make your life with friends memorable...they will remember you for whole life and you will too.



  1. very nice post Nazar ..loved the points you highlighted about keeping in mind in friendship !!



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