there are certain point in every one life when its not so easy to decide whether go for goal or just sit down to think about your goal ,is it achievable or not?

 when you start grow up slowly slowly you learnt everything from bad to good, this world is having .but you choose only those that suits your lifestyle similar is the case with your goals,you choose what you love,from what you passionate,from what you admire....................but soon you realize the  world full of competition  around you which have a power to through out you from your goals.

first you discovered how people are so crazy in this world they always try to catch the opportunities they get and also they always in search of better position that they can get easily and you are again in competition then you fail at your first goal because you are competing with the best.....you again stand up revising your strengths now you are the more mature again in competition now you got a series of wining ...but then at certain point you think that you are in competition with the best you start losing hope but its the point where you can comeback in the best of the races around the world....you have to eliminate some sort of weakness and start preparing for your strengths .

you can only win your goal by your strengths ,you know your weak points you overcome from experience,you know the fear of failure,you know how to overcome from lost.....so the time is here to set your goals,you have a experience although your past as not so good now its time to win the race,beat the goal,show the skill to the world that needs your value......even the major winner of the society never get success in first chance they always stand up after losing at certain point,now its your time get up and make you feel complete BY achieving your goal



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