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The stories behind every person is different. Every single person on the earth has traveled a different journey. The worst thing we do is to judge a person by his action in present while we do not know even a single bit of his/her past. Life is tremendous cool when everything is going good but it is tough when nothing works according to you.

We built beautiful relationships when we move forward in life and it takes a second to break it just by judging the small actions of other person. We are not god but human. Anger, frustration, hatred is natural to us but the main point is all about how much do we have control on it. Most of the times relation between two people get disturbed when any one of them is in emotions. Decision taken while having some feelings are always wrong. Time is the one thing that heals everything.

Most of the time a moment comes in our life when we sit and look back to find mistakes in ourselves but in no one else. We were the one responsible for ruining all those beautiful relations by blaming others. If we are the one who is commenting on anything, we should be ready to take comments on ourselves as well.

 Life does not give second chances always but what it gives is a chance to not commit the same mistake again. We do not learn from our past but we always tell stories that how we ruin our past. In life if one thing that is going to help you forever is how you behaved with people and what relations you built over the time.

A time comes when people are busy and do not give ears to you. It is a time to keep patience and wait for them not to go forward and ruin everything what you built over time. People care for you if you care them. Every time the expectations are from both sides not from one side alone. If you are expecting something from others, you should be ready to do the same thing to others.

Yes, one more thing happens to our life when we meet bad people who sucks everything out of us but there is a solution for it and that is not to look back, not now, not next but never. You should avoid people who are poison to you. There are tons of people you will encounter in everyday life like these but before making any decision make sure that what you are thinking is actually correct and is not based on some random actions or a talk from someone else.

Life is beautiful, yes it is. Our 90 percent of actions mostly comes out because of the reactions to event that is happening around our surroundings. Even if I write this long article, it means something happened in recent times. Something that spark something to do in our mind. If anyone is scolding you it is hard to stand still and listen, definitely you will do something for it. If anyone is betraying you, it is hard to sit in front of him or her with a smile. If anyone is making sure that you always fail, it is hard to have good relations with him or her. Life is nothing but understanding how you deal with environment and dealing with people around you.


  1. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.



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