Reasons to Fight Back


Life gives us lot of reasons to fight back. Fight back for the self-respect, self-evaluation, prestige, pride, motto and identity. It is very easy in today’s world that anything related to our soul can be shattered by anyone around us. It might be rejecting our existence or rejecting our own ideas. People are full of with the tremendous jealousy all around us.

There are goals in life that we want to achieve, the goals that help us to move forward in the life. The goals that are important to us for making the future beautiful. The goals that help us to create an identity we always wanted to develop. The goals that are very building blocks of the discipline we follow in our daily life. The goals that gives us pride in chasing something. The goals that differentiate us from the rest of world. Our life is so complex that we do not stay hard on one goal and keeps on changing goals based upon the situation we faced in our life. Goals are something that we do not require to change on the bases of temporary problems. We should fight with the problems of our daily life in order to save the goals. The goals are like our identity, it is not require at all keeping changing every other day. Fighting back with the problems, with the odd situation, with the people just to save goal is OK. It is not only in sports we have to keep the spirit high but also in our life we should keep it high.

Figure out the passion in life and fight back with everything to save it. It can be painting, photography, music, theatre, any kind of art or anything in the canvas of world. Fight back to save it in you. Whenever you feel nothing is remaining in you just indulge yourself into the very hobby. Time will pass in a fly and you will not feel the boredom and rejection at all. Life is all about fighting back, fighting to save the passion in you. Fighting to save the hobbies in your soul. Like a child who do not give up for toy, we have to stand and fight to not give up our hobby.

Some people in our life become the core part of our journey as we move on in life.  Whatever the situation we are in, they always come and rescue us from getting broken. Do not let them go of. Fight hard and fight back as many times as you have to but not let them go from your life. Connections are important in our life and they are like any other traits of our character. The people whom with we spent time defines who we actually are. There will be people who will connect and leave as per their easiness but the people who connect and leave as per your concerns are important. They are god to your life and do not let them go off. Fight hard for the survival of you basic instinct associated with them.

Fight back not for anyone else but for yourself. To save the truth in you, to save the human in you, to save the greed, to save the attitude, to save habit, to save the love and to save every other characteristics that defines you a human.



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