Welcome in 2018 - A note to the Readers


Welcome in the year of 2018. It has been a wonderful journey in 2017 with all of you, although I was not able to write as much as what I promised but still I got a very good response on the little I have shared with you, Thanks for that.

 This year 2018 is going to be a different, while in the previous year I had written on multiple topics this year it is going to all about philosophy, psychology, history, book reviews, and personality interaction.  There is so many depression, hopelessness, dullness; poverty is all around us, this year let us try to do something to eradicate it. I will be writing on the topics that is going to touch these points.

For College students I will be starting a separate blog in a view of entertaining to them only. That will be a mixture of technical topics, soft skills, interview preparation and job hunting. I am trying to cater them separately as there are very good number of readers who want these on a regular basis.

This year I am completing 6 years of this blog that itself is possible because of your regular interaction and love you have shown to me. When I started the blog in college, I was not aware of where it will go. I was writing topics on multiple things from experiences to journeys to travelling to technical knowledge but soon I found genre when you accepted articles that revolves around everyday life. A life that we common people live. There are some characteristics that are common to every human whether he/she is some high-class businessperson or low class labor. We all have emotions and feel different moods at different times. We often interact with each other and find ourselves in different situation where there is no formula to act. We feel betrayed, neglected and ignored. We also sometimes get loyalty, happiness and welcome from others. It is all part of life, with this blog I am just trying to tell you that do not lose hope in your worst and do not put ego around you in your best.

Life is a journey and it is meant for us to feel every situation. It is meant for us to fail and learn from it. There is no shortcut to success; we have to do both smart and hard work to attain it. I wish you all the best for this year and hope that you will maintain your calm in both good and bad situation. I hope you will progress and achieve your dreams by progressing the society. There are so many people who do not get the fruits of life, I hope this year we all will help them to move forward in life and will respect everyone with dignity and without judging them by their profession. The world is already have lot of hatred , this year let us try to spread the love , affection and dreams. Let’s remember this year for sharing and caring.



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