Life is unpredictable, at one day you feel like to be on top and other you feel to be under tons of weight. It is unpredictable not because it is designed like that but it is because of our expectations. There are a lot of incidents happen around us for which we can’t do anything. There are incidents that are out of control, out of our reach, out of expectations and dreams. Most of the time we expect our future based upon the present situation and we integrate it to find the big canvas. We get motivated through it and also sometimes go into the depression because of same.

There are certain things in life which tell us to be neutral and nor to be happy more than requiring neither be sad. The wisdom comes not when you don’t react to the situation but when you take it as a lesson and move on. Moving on is the biggest wisdom of life and nobody should keep holding things for a long period of time. Every second we are moving in the universe then why we should not move our thoughts? Why be stationary with one thought?

We live with multiple people but do not learn from them. We wait for the situation to happen with us instead we can give a look around us to learn from others. Why work on already solve problems when there are plenty of problems exist to be solved? We should interact with the people and listen to their experiences bad or good it doesn’t matter. Life should not be spent like sitting at one place thinking about the past.

When you take decisions most of the time it results from the thoughts of emotion gathered over your mind. Try to be calm whenever decide about something and never take a decision at an instant. Sometimes we lost the precious moments of life when heart conquers over the mind. The heart is what you want at present and mind is what you require in the long run. Do not be confuse from the orders of your own soul and take decisions whenever things are calm.

Knowledge to decide about your life and about the life of people comes from within it is our mind who gives ideas through the interpretation of various events, things, and experiences. Try to read the books which can give you something, choose your favorite topic and start reading about it. People get best advice from the one who experienced situation themselves or has seen someone who encountered the same. You will not get better friends than a writer in your whole life. If not many try to read at least 6 books a year. Each book will add a value to you.

We start hating life because we do not have anything to follow so develop a hobby and follow it rigorously when you are alone. You will not get even a single thought about hating your life.Hobby is something that nurtures you and provides full enthusiasm to the soul. You can not run from it, it can be painting, dancing, reading, writing, sports anything that you love and do not do because of earning money. Most of the time the expression we express through the hobbies are incredible and unique. Every life has a purpose thus find yours and win the world.


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