Acceptance from society – Not a good thought at all


There are several questions that keep disturbing me every moment in life.  Whenever I go to perform any action I think about the incident, whether this is accepted in the society or not. Whenever I go to present my thoughts I think about the thought, whether society is good about it or not? Whenever I try to praise anyone for their courage I think whether this praise is allowed in the society? There are lots of incidents where I think more about the consequences than the action itself.

This is not only my problem but I think the world is mad before it. People do have the courage to live life in a good way but it is circumstances that everyone needs permission from the society to do it.

When I was a child there were certain things that were good and certain were bad but today I feel that things do have their own perspective from personality to personality for some waking up in the night is cool for others it is not acceptable at all. In our day to day life, there are thousands of tasks for which we look for a third world for approval.

Whenever you go to shopping malls, parties, public gatherings, market or offices you are more nervous about the action you take to enjoy than enjoying itself. You often go and see what other people are doing and then you do only those tasks as you want yourself to be accepted there.

In my point of view, life is about learning from experiences, if you like something do it and don’t wait for anybody else approval. Things and actions are right until they don’t hurt anyone seriously. I mean you can’t laugh at a funeral and you should also not allow singing a song during business meetings. These are unacceptable not by the society but as a whole but there are certain things that you know will not harm anyone but still you think society will reject it, for those things don’t wait for the society to tell whether you are right or wrong.

Society cannot tell that you are the good musician or not neither they can tell about writing skills and nor about your choices. If you like oranges and everybody else picking an apple it doesn’t mean you should also pick an apple. There are certain things that an individual choose like hobbies, passion, love, profession, degree, expressions, thoughts, wisdom, values, experiences and friends. Society shouldn’t have a right to decide on it and you also shouldn’t worry about whether it is acceptable or not.



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