An Interview with Sabi Shaikh for his upcoming novel (Knocked out - a Crispy Punch of Love)


This is a third interview with you Sabi and it feels great to be in a continued touch with you and seeing your success day by day. Congratulations for your second Novel.

There are few questions from me that I am sure even readers wanted to know about so how have the past two years changed your life after your first book launch?

I’ve grown up as a person. I’ve become much calmer and patient with everything around me. You can say that I’ve matured in my thought process over the past couple of years. My goals in life are clear now. Apart from this, I’ve enjoyed every bit of fame and success that life had to offer.

So you talked about clear goals in life, what are the goals that we are going to see you accomplishing in next few years?

Actually, it’s a secret. At the end when they will fulfill everybody will know.

There is an inspiration for everything and when we talk about” Knocked out - a Crispy Punch of Love” Where the inspiration came from?

The Writer inside this Beast of a Man inspired me to keep going and never stop. I didn’t want to end up being a one book wonder when I have so many stories floating around in my head. So, I just pulled one out from the closet and penned it down.
And Walla!! Knocked Out was born…

That’s really great to be inspired by the own soul, so what was the audience response after they heard about your second book?

They backed me up and are always very encouraging. They like to watch me grow and succeed. I owe a lot to them as I wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t accepted me as a Writer.

 The first book was a love story, which was the incident that made you write next book on a sport?

I’ve always been into sports.
Football, Hockey, Athletics, Boxing and Bodybuilding. Sports has taught me discipline and has helped me grow as a person. I’ve taken a lot from sports and it was time to give something back.

Was writing the second novel a different experience when compared to your debut novel?

         The only difference was that during Via Delhi, I was jobless so I had all the time in the world to write it. During Knocked Out I was professionally a little more sorted so it was all about time management.

So how did you manage the time and what was the normal working day in life while shaping up the novel?

                       Everything remained the same except for me cutting down on leisure time. I stopped watching movies and documentaries which I usually do after getting back home from the office. I cut that off completely and dedicated a couple of hours to writing every night.

That is really a serious hard work you did in completing the novel. It is a tough decision to follow dream by really doing something for it and devoting your time regularly. What were things that kept your focus on without any deviations?

I'm a Stubborn Man.If I want something then I'll go out of my way to achieving it. This attitude always keeps me going and with such an attitude it's hard to lose focus.

Is there anything you learned from writing your first book and you’ve changed any style or approach in writing the second?

  Yes.   I got a feedback from my school teachers that I should use less profanity. I’ve tried to keep Knocked Out a little more refined but I am not really sure about it.


Does this story relate to anybody in real life?

      Knocked Out is purely a work of my creativity. It not related to anyone that I know and if it does then it is purely co-incidence.  

Did you meet any real boxer while writing the story?
       No, I didn’t meet any Boxer.

What challenges you faced after launching your first book?
The only challenge was readers addressing me as Sir. I was not really used to this kinda respect. It was a whole new level and it took me a little time to take it as part and parcel of being a Writer.

Did you decide the title” Knocked out - a Crispy Punch of Love” before or it came much later?
I changed the titles quite a few times.
I started off with “The Underdog” which was a bit too heavy for the story. Then moved onto “The Contender” which was once again too heavy. Finally, I settled down for Knocked Out.

How does it feel like to be a celebrity?
Whom are you talking about mate? As far as I know I’m Sabi Shaikh and I have a long way to go before you can actually start addressing me as a celebrity.

What is the one thing in this novel that will tempt readers to buy and read for?
My Book Cover looks tempting.

Yes, it is.

It was great talking to you. I wish you a lot of success in future.

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