5 Life skills you will learn just after Graduating from college


It’s been two years passing out of the college. Life went on the roller coaster ride for these 24 months. The day I stepped out from the college was the happiest day of my life, there were boundaries that I was going to cross, and I was entering into the real world from the world that was running from rules and policies. I was happy about the fact that there will be no exams and I was right. There were no exams in last 24 months of pen and paper but I had to face a lot of real exams.

The days were started waiting for joining letter from the company that was giving me the opportunity to start the career. I was happy and why shouldn’t I as I was among the few people who got campus placement in the first attempt. The feeling to start earning money for the first time and the feeling to explore the world outside boundaries of imagination is always different it’s more like the smell that we feel after first rain. There were lot of dreams and a lot more expectations and more imagination about how the life is going to be change in next few months I hope everybody dreams the same as I did after passing out of the college but very rare get the sense about what is going to happen in future. So let me tell you in advance:-

1)      You see people hate towards education is soon going to convert into love: - I had often seen people coming to corporate life and changing their attention to pursue higher studies (MS, MBA, and M.Tech). The same people who tell you the extent of hating studies suddenly start preparing for CAT, GRE, GMAT just after their first experience in corporate. Soon you will be realizing that the study you do today is going to be with you for a lifetime but not the money you earn today. Soon people see themselves dream of attaining higher education and getting higher positions.

2)      You see people getting heart breaks from all around:- You see many people in colleges who promise for spending rest of their life together who known to be you love birds, who are in so much into each other that you think that their relation created by GOD before even they born and may be you hope that they will invite you for their marriage but in reality these things don’t happen, soon you will see that these famous couples of college part like seeds and pulp. They go in fashion by promising that they will meet again but that never happens. Soon They will get a break from their relations and get busy to their life.

3)      You see people dream of job hopping: - As soon as you will enter into the first job you will see people changing job for reasons such as blaming administration, management, type of work, expertise, and money they earn. Soon you are going to be a part of this race and believe me nothing wrong in chasing the company of your dream.

4)      You have to face same scarcity of money what you were feeling at college:- Money is going again to be an important place in your life. First you were fighting for outside lunches, dinners, movies, tickets, birthday bashes, small trips and other small expenses. Soon life will change and you will yourself fighting for the large amount room rent, groceries, shopping, bills, trips, gifts, weekend parties, dates and lot more. You will be still feeling a dearth in your pocket but you will be on bright side. You will start managing everything from your limited income you have.

5)     You will become mature: - The best thing that will happen to you is maturity. You will feel powerful while taking decisions, talking to bosses and colleagues, predicting results before action, thinking out of box and understanding criticality of situations. Life will be good; you will start preferring non-fiction over fiction books. You will tend to relate more to the politics and economic policies of the country and world more than you were worrying about your cloths. Soon you will start understanding those complex pages of newspaper that you were ignoring since from you started reading.

You will not get any degrees for learning life skills for all these two years but the value will be more what you were learned through all your education. 



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