Art of Living Alone


“Art of living alone” why did I choose such a topic to write about? There are an enormous number of topics that still exist in this world to cover. You can think about … who in the world of facebook and twitter tells to follow an Art that is saying to live alone? But the answer is simple; living alone is an art that needs a lot of practice, patience, and dedication to follow. The people who are introvert just ask from them, they can give a full speech on this.

So let’s talk about the stages that can trouble you to follow this lifestyle. Nobody chooses to live alone but the circumstances that hit a person to live in this situation. Might be there is a reason that you are out of town living life in a totally different city, might be you are living with the people with no common interest, might be people think that you are a fool, and might be you think that you are the fool.

So reason is whatever but it will put you in a situation where nobody is willing to talk you and you are not able to find people who can talk to you. There could be a reason that you are an artist while the people you meet belong to the commercial world. You hate being in pubs, parties but people around you love it. You love doing one to one communication but people hate. This ultimately put you in a situation where people go in distress and depression. Here comes the medicine “An Art of living alone”. Yes, you read it right it is a therapy.

1)      Music: - The first pillar is music. If you know how to play that’s great just play it and create something for others, if you don’t , just listen to others and see how these sounds will give you silent heart. You will love being with music, it is said that a soul is incomplete without music in it.

2)      Hobby: - Get a hobby whether it’s painting, writing, reading , sports or anything else. This will bring you a hub of talent in you. Work on it, create something, perform it and show it to the world. You will feel good that the time you spent alone didn’t go into some waste but you have learned an art that will be with you for a lifetime.

3)      Travel: - the Third pillar is travelling. I am sure that you travelled a lot with friends and family ,But travel alone once. Yeah, it is awkward but the solo trip is what that will help you to find the soul within yourself. Taking a solo trip will help to meet strangers, telling and listening stories. You can go anywhere you want and can take any route and can stay anywhere there will be no common decision kind of thing just you and your heart. Go where your heart tells you to go.

4)      Talk less listen more: - whenever you are facing such kind of situation be a person who talks less and listen more. Be a person who learns from other and then tells to others. Don’t be like extrovert who put their nose anywhere they want, be a like a person who knows whom to talk and how much to talk, whom to listen and how much to listen. Life will not tell you what is right and what is wrong, it is you who will understand life while living. The situation will help you in reading others and knowing yourself. People will respect you for your admiration and will hate you for all wrong things that you ever poked in public.

5)      Sleep:- Yes you heard it right, get your full sleep. It is the time when nobody will disturb you while sleeping. Sleep and sleep a lot. It will help you relieving distress ad depression. You will feel free and confident after getting full sleep.

6)      Be a morning person: - Leave the schedule whatever you were following and become a morning person. Go for an exercise, read a book , pray to god , see the sun rise, see the children going to school, remember the childhood. It is the times when you mind is in perfect active and get used to it.

These are the hacks that I thought are best, if you know other please comment here…


  1. See the children going to school, remember the childhood. - The best part of getting up early is realizing your journey from Kindergarten to where you are.



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