Don’t Explain to Anyone … Don’t Prove to Anyone


A time comes in everybody life when we distress heavily from various talks that we do with ourselves and various that we want to do it with others. A time comes when we feel like to prove things; a time comes when we feel like to explain things. It is a ritual of the world to get an explanation about each and everything that we do, it’s a ritual to weigh us on the scales that is designed for something else. It is a curse to have an idea and a big curse if idea is unique.

The mind works in a way where we always wants someone else stamp on the things that are created by us. We usually go to everybody to approve it from chain to chain and at last, left with so many opinions that we doubt ourselves and our capabilities. The people who are in our neighbor or the people from our classrooms or the people from offices everybody just asks one thing “Hey! What happened to your ideas? When are you going to implement? Where is the next Steve job? Where is the next shahrukh khan or where is the next sachin tendulkar?” They compare us with the eminent personalities because our ideas revolved around them. Mounted by these pressures we lost our originality and start to chase things that are not in our plans.

Why if we explain to people if we know we can do it alone? We go for them in search of help, we go for them to praise us, we go for them to relate us, we go for them to make us, but nothing happens the way we thought to happen. First they need explanation for the things then they need proof of the capability. There is nothing wrong if they really want to, but they do so because they believe we are on the wrong side they are on the right.

There are certain times when we take back our assignments and our dream just because of some temporary difficulties and people think that this guy is going to over soon. Is it really hard to come back if anyone is failing again and again? No, many did in past many are doing in present and many will do in future. The possibility of life is seen by nobody and the pearls of success are hidden within it. The person who is working continuously with hammer sure will get diamond one day rather than the person who is commenting on the act of hammering on a hard rock.

Why to explain when we know our ideas are better and our passion is good? Why to explain when our motive is clear and our mission is unique? Why to explain when they never heard, never saw and never felt the kind of the kind of thing we are going to do? If we will explain they will expect proof. If we don’t explain they will expect nothing. The results will surprise them then explain them what you proved them.

Get an Idea->implement it->proof to others->Then explain it



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